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Jan 2020 · 100
Jesus spirit
I was ignorant and sodish
Didn’t know yet you kept me alive though I was a dog
You kept reviving my mind and heart
You sustained my soul

Now I feel like I am becoming a son
I look forward speaking with you in my soul heart and mind

Little by little you save everyday and night

Like a harlot forgiven I feel empowered
It’s your strength

Thank you
Some rambling not really poetry
Jan 2020 · 44
I was in love
And then twice
Certainly one true love
Cannot be right

For I now believe
Love is unconditional
In a new way I came to see
Love surpasses individually

So let’s all lovers lay down
And begin to play the game
Hold on to one another
Without guilt or shame-tonight

Let’s begin this now
Let’s all take part
No time for individuality
Let’s leave a mark
Jan 2020 · 42
Thinking Aloud
How is it that you tell me my thoughts before I speak?

How is it that you do that trick before I blink?

Do you know me that well?
Am I that much of a bore?
Maybe it is I that tricked my own eye.

You sit there
Answering the air.
But you are dead on right
Hit the nail on the head that time

I am loosing it now
And following along
I am facing it now
You're just patterned thinking aloud
Jan 2020 · 42
He is who he is
He was what will be
Unchanging life and being
In a sea of believing
He has his opponent and this world on a string
Where we’re we when he called it all to be?
We were in his thoughts before we were a thing
We wrestle with his ways and what we have
And pray in vain for a miracle to come and save us
We’re we made to be content?
We’re we made to be upset?
How much is our doing? How much is his will?
It is blurry like a fog
Just something about him
Jan 2020 · 50
Indian Sky
Dazed out into space
Maybe cure the human race
Now is the time to get in touch
With the mind you choose to waste

Sometimes the thoughts stand alone
I’m their own time zone
Deep inside of his own mind
Their mind-fly away mind

We could almost see
See the light
Indian Sky
They seem to say

The sun is going to rise
About broken thoughts coming to fruition
Nov 2019 · 91
Good and Bad
That tree in the garden caused a lot of confusion
Now Knowing good and evil we are brought to a decision.
The right hand or the left. The worst or the best.

Now don’t marvel at this

For he said come on no matter what u do.
Maybe filthy
Maybe clean
Maybe sober
Perhaps in dream

He preserves in spirit

It’s not for us to get up and stand against the left
In fact he did say go a mile
How scary this thing of good and evil is.
Let Everyman judge himself
Isn’t that correct?
I’m doing fine
Are you?
Hope u like it
Jun 2017 · 356
Manic Depression
Have you ever seen the bottom?
Have you ever made it that far?

My eyes have seen everything
It’s always the same
Wake up it’s a new day
Splash some water on my face

I can already hear it calling
It’s waiting for me

I tried to save myself
But there ain’t no use in that
The world has changed me
And I will stay in this state until it is gone

You can never go back
You can never return
Never tell yourself
Look at what I’ve learned?

Never say the things that you been meaning to say
Never repay the debts that were never repaid

I am sick of all these day dreams
They’re killing me
Jun 2017 · 320
She's Hurt
She lays in the shadows of her room
Imagining a man beside her
She can’t seem to keep a real one
She’s rejected all the ones that ever loved her

It’s ok she tells herself
It doesn’t matter, I’m still young
And theres no way I’m settling down
For any man right now

Jules, you know you have a problem
When you reject love and have *** at random
Choose one and savor the flavor
Don't be scared-If it fails pick up another later

You can’t rule over fate forever
You hide from it cold and scared
I understand you very well cause’
Of the diagnosis that you shared

I thank you that you trusted me
And now I know how to treat you
But you ran away before I could love you
Into the arms of another

The writing said you would do this to me
But Im sure your doing this to him
So I suppose I will patiently wait
For the girl to leave her own imagination
Jun 2017 · 520
I wonder...
If I was here and you were there
And we erased all the time that we have shared
Would we still act as if the other didn’t exist?
Would we still shoot the breeze but clench a cold fist?

Now if I was there and you were here
Would I listen to all your success's and pretend not to care?

If my arms were spread today would you run back to me tonight?
Or would I be in the right position to be crucified?

I wonder...
This is an old one. hope you enjoyed
Jun 2017 · 228
It’s all that you long for
Because it’s what we all owe
It seems to be so scarce
Seems that it came from below

Guiding my path
Throughout the day
Dream about it again

Why can’t we all just stop
Put the money in the fire
Careless greed
Shall be curbed forever

Get back to making
An honest existence
Wthout this need
Without this greed
Jun 2017 · 232
I love my words
Dancing in you mind
Giving me the thought
That I'm on your mind

You took a moment of your life
To sit down and read
And gave me some time
I thank you indeed
Jun 2017 · 1.2k
back again
It doesn’t matter where u go
It doesn’t matter who u see
It's because I know
You will always come back to me

You run to him
Keeping me in mind
Away from my love
but back every time

Girl I know your game
Girl I know your way
With me it’s ok
Just come home again

Jules you are indeed a thief
Changing your heart all the time
Stealing away my life
Knocking at my door at random times

Greeting me with kisses and laughter
Lies, smiles stories of disaster
Trust me, I just play a long
I'm just glad you're here

We lived happily ever after
May 2017 · 226
Crazy Lazy You
So I work at a College
The kids thirst for Knowledge

They are sick and tired of life on the Farm

They Drove to big cities
In big ugly borrowed SUV's

They flea the hot sun like bandits on the run
Under the veil of darkness, guided by stars

They drink, they smoke the do all sorts of drugs

So they make it to the border
To upset the order
To pine and gamble for their dreams
But can't shake their accents

Hurting from a memory,
Wanting something else
Their hearts remain hungry
But they loose their true identity

Wild Child
Who told you to be so blind?
Wild Child
Why are you such a fool to trade in your youth???
May 2017 · 774
Spring brings forth her perfume
To attract her lovers that erase winter gloom
Beaches wet from fresh waves crashing
Perpetual reaching ever lasting

Grass in emerald meadows thrive
Flowers brave stormy skies
Hornets bees and birds surivive
Every landing from dizzy heights

Birds sing
Children laugh
Lovers kiss
And writers write about it
May 2017 · 998
Simple Love
Her Name is Julie
And she has me
But I don't think I have a grasp

Of just how far
I've fallen
For this little girl

How I wish
She would know
She's the only
One in the world

Julie-Most beautiful girl
Love you Baby
May 2017 · 406
Dreams For Now
Black skies and sun lit moon
Dreams inside the walls of my room
Strange visions of only a place
That lie in search of obvious space

We drove for miles that night
And showed off the new car
Up and down and all around
Strange hills and roads that I'll never see again

What do these things mean?
Why am I always caught up in endless dreams?
Are they all just a stranger?
Possibly a memory under lock and key?
Old song revised
May 2017 · 301
So there's no reason for war now a day.
I can't get the smile off my face
I made this place!
I'm an American.
#American #America #JesseThomasDevlin
May 2017 · 182
Indian Sky
Dazed out
Into Space
Maybe cure
The human race

Well now
Is the time to get in touch
With the mind
You choose to waste

The air stands alone
In it's own
Time zone

Inside of his own mind
His own mind
Fly away mind

We can almost see
See the light
Indian sky
That seem to say
The sun is going to rise
May 2017 · 1.1k
The earth is a marriage bed of love and lust
Perpetual attention from the sun as he draws her in from the coldness we call winter
She reaches at every instance and angle in the form of trees
She is serious in the form of rock
She reaches
She bulges
She brings forth fruit to delight
While we witness  the marriage of earth and light

She grips to herself in the form of roots
She is nervous
she holds her own gravity and spins and dances
Her energies squeezed out her poles and fly overhead in Auroras

She’s a woman
She’s always been
May 2017 · 219
Country Song
You are the brightest star with the nicest shine that I ever did see
Everything about you was always been that way
Now here I drove you up to the Church upon the tallest hill
But I didn’t come here tonight to pray

The city looks so close and peeks over the riverside
And I could hit the full moon with a stone if I tried
We’re here talking and enjoying the night
I wanted to tell you how I felt about You and I
May 2017 · 1.2k
"Be an individual just like everybody else" - Jesse Thomas Devlin

— The End —