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Dear Lord,
My life is all Yours,
Please call the shots.
I have tried to run by my strength,
I always fall short.
I figured there are no shortcuts.
I humbly bow at Your feet,
Lord, please take the wheel.
Steer me in the direction of Your will.
Here is all of me for Your use.
Let me be a tool in Your hands.
Here is where my stubbornness ends.
Take the rudder, make the orders.
I can't go all alone any further.
I can't keep this wall up any longer.
Dear Lord Jesus, please come to my aid.
Just hold me tonight
Don't say a word
Or promise a thing
I don't believe such things anymore
It's dark and I'm shivering
From the battle inside
Just hold me tonight
Don't ask me anything
Let me be
All I need is for you to hold me
I'll do the rest
Just be by my side tonight.
I walked away
To a different night
To a different life
A dream of another time
If I'm alive how come I go?
If I die, will I come alive?
I walked away tonight,
Left this life
In the morning perhaps I'll return.
I saw the barren street,
Full of empty sound.
Children looking for some place to be,
With no one around.
Such a proud people once roaming free.
The marks you left on this land are clear.
I see it on the rocks, etched in stones.
A wisdom forgotten,
Of stars above and seasons long ago.
Now that's slipped into eternity,
But I still see the proud gleam
When you sing,
The chant a rhythmic pulse.
I feel the dance of your feet against the ground
And I know this empty land still calls you home.
I smile when I hear your drums
To a life buried but not gone.
I live not far though this is not my own.
This land knows and these mountains speak,
The red of this ground flows in you,
Children of the ground.
My neighbors, whose chants I hear and faces I see.
This time I'm not afraid
Perhaps because I trust myself now,
I know I'll live if you leave.
The past taught me that bitter thing
But now I see,
I'm okay to be
As I always am and know I'll be
So I let myself fall in love with you.
Please be gentle with me
Because those cracks you think are beautiful,
Were once scars that bleed.
As she breaks and burns,
Through this narrowing night,
Her ointment of prowess
Takes over the duty,
A fraction of lumens,
Yet just as bright
To those glaring eyes.

As she howls over this hill,
She echoes through trees,
Snapping twigs as she goes,
Turning us to stone,
As we stare
At medusa of the night.
A poem about the moon!
Gold air turns to dusk
still clothed in warm light
with colours of the rainbow
floating through an autumn sky

As the night comes on
voices echo in my head
our skinny love wakes my soul
it leaves me bare

Stars hang in the winter sky
like our love in my heart
but as the night falls
I realise it's time for a new start

Was it just summer love?
wilted roses.
ripped polaroids.
crying eyes.
broken hearts.
one night stands.
slammed doors.
angry words.
ugly bruises.
paragraph texts.
empty voicemails.
lonely nights.
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