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I have something hiding
Behind my teary eyes
My tongue is twisted
From speaking all these lies
My head is now shining
From loosing all my grey
And I can’t seem to shake
The nakedness of the day

My head is aching
for a peace of mind
My hands grow weary
For the answer they’ll never find
All of this pleasure
Surely by sunrise, we will be poor
The thief comes At midnight
Crouching at our door

While our ears listen to Sweet delight
Our eyes bask in fluorescent lights
Our ears have music playing loud
We boast when we walk proud
She took my mind off of what was in front of me
Her hair was flowing with the radiant sun So full of beauty
Her legs strutted down the ave with a gallop no one could tame
Oh hear the seduction in her throaty voice when she told me her name

Her eyes were a warm autumn brown
Her thighs were strong from walking the town
Her neck was long and it came out from her coat
Her arms were thin and long wearing gloves satin soaked

She was my princess for a moment in time
Wonder where she was headed... who could call her mine?
After getting out of school
And believing the teachers words
I throughly believed
Heaven could be worked for
I took it like a drug
And envied all of you
But all it got me was
Downward point of view  Depression Anxiety
I wish I could take control
And hand the cities' keys to the troll
That lives down beneath the bridge
That came home from work last night exhausted

If I had my *** of gold
I would give it to the men of old
Not the strong young men that are not in need
But to the elderly

I only wish to make this playing field level
If all the men were for once equal
And all men saught after each others wellfare
Yes, if I can have but one wish
I've been alone even in the company of others
Maybe it will always be so

My heartbeat echoes beyond me
I hear yours as well
Yet mine still beats alone

Alone it speaks
And desperate to share the load of my mind

But I do not wish my burden on anyone
A sacrificial soldier for an army of one

How can it weep asking for relief?
When it cannot see it's making a martyr of me

What can end this lonesome misery?
This situation has become my identity

I can have all the friends in the world
And a family
A partner to be with
But  always with this quietness

I’ve been this way since I can remember
It’s the only thing that is still with me
Listen my friend,
This is the dream I dreamed last night after visiting the ruins of the Ancient Sumerians

I stood before an aweful being-A somber faced man/bird

He turned his face towards me and lead me to the temple of Akala-
The queen of darkenss

The house to which all who enter never returns...
Down the road from which there is no coming back

There is the house in which it's people sit in darkness
Dust is their food... Clay is their meat...

They are clothed like birds.
Their wings for covering their bodies
They see no light
They sit in darkness

I entered the house of dust...
I saw the kings of the earth
Their crowns put away for ever

All of the Rulers and Princes-All of whom once war Kingly crowns and ruled the world as in the days of old...

But now, they who stood in the place of the Gods now stand like servants

In the House Of Dust were High Priests of the incantation and ******

And there was the Queen of the Underworld
She who keeps the books of the dead...

She raised her head
She saw me and spoke...

Who has brought this one here?

Then I awoke... like a man drained of blood who wonders alone in a waste.
I didnt write this. I found it, edited it and added some. I thought it was an interesting write.
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