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Hi friends

Im so glad to see all of you still writing..i took a long break from posting my poems. I have alot still in my note pad. I have been battling depression for a year or more give or take a few months. But now that i recognize it and know the problem and have cut the problem out I will be better soon. And that means I will be able to reconnect with my soul tribe.
I gave you my heart and you said that I was amazing..
You said that you loved it
Now I'd by give you my heart if your looking for love
But you would never take it again
Because you returned it
Now i stay up too late
Drinkin, smokin...poisonin myself
Because I'm afraid you've found love
Weather it's a stranger or the one you belong to
Oh how i miss every word you said
But its only what you said..
How i wish it was what you did
Instead of pushing me out
I wish you didn't push me out
Waiting for the day I can think of you with no frown...
With no frown on my face
Girl, you gave him a lot
But, he does not deserve you
He has put you through so much
He has sadly torn your heart in two
You continue to stay by his side
In spite of the constant pain
All of your bright sunshine
Has sadly, turned into rain
Everyone is missing something..a key, a sock, plastic ware..
Missing someone
Or they way someone used to stare
Unbearable it is mostly
But sometimes its not as hard
I guess that means that soon it wont be hard at all
Or it means I allowed us to fall
Either way I long for the day that I dont miss you at all
Throughout the day and late at night you lurk inside my home
Today you knocked and I said ill be right there
Unknown souls living in the cold
You asked me if Id make a sacrifice
You asked me to share my mind
I said that I would follow the tide
Now I ponder if Ive..have I lost my mind
You are the devil
I cant make that sacrifice
Bittetsweet embrace of death
But i still got more left
There is still more time
You are the devil
I gotta find a better way to spend my time
Ill always ask are you. How was your day?
Ill always want you..i hope thats ok.
I really want to tell you what I want to say.
But sometimes you dont listen..because of your day.
Here I am
Promise Ill stay
As long as you hold me tight
When I have a bad day
He is patience
He is not loud
He sways away from the crowd
When he speaks i always listen
His hand in mine
Can i go back in time
To feel his warm in mine
When he smiles
It touches my soul
And i see glitter everywhere
Then we were laying in the dark
When he took my heart out and held it so close to his
And called me beautiful
He said im beautiful
Walk next to me..
Ill give you what you need
And i know it wont get better than this
There will never be another close to this
Ill always remember the fireworks and sunlight
Ohh take me back to that first kiss
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