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May 4 · 192
One of the guys
Jenna May 4
You tell me pretty lies,
You protect me from the truth.
You look into my eyes,
And tell me not to fall for you.

You tell me about your crush,
And I dream that I was her.
You tell me not to rush,
But I don't wanna see you with her.
Apr 5 · 78
Jenna Apr 5
When you can't be alone,
When you can't think straight,
When you still smell his cologne,
When you carry all the weight.

When you tell your friends your fine,
When you drink to drown the fear,
When you can't drink red wine,
When you feel his presence coming near.
Mar 30 · 165
I'm fine
Jenna Mar 30
(Tired, lonely, depressed, hurting, scared, sad, messed up, complicated, dying inside, quitting, sick of it...)
Im... Fine.
Mar 22 · 41
Made of glass
Jenna Mar 22
Delicate and beautiful,
Innocent and kind.
True and loving,
She was forever lost in time.
Slowing fading away
Mar 22 · 40
Time to change
Jenna Mar 22
I looked in the mirror.
I didn't recognize what was looking back at me. I rubbed my eyes but the image wasnt any clearer.
She was broken and bruised. Submissive and misused.
Pushed around and cut up.
She was tired of being a **** up.
She had mascara on her face.
She felt like a big disgrace.
She was a sheep in wolf's clothing.
She deep in self loathing.
She quick to give a smile.
She only looked sad once in a while.
She looked whole.
She looked bold.
She looked strong.
Nothing was wrong.

Looks can be deceiving.
They can also leave you grieving.
Take my advice. No one is completely whole
Feb 25 · 87
Jenna Feb 25
Should I tell him?
Should I stray?
Should I want him?
Should I stay?

Does he like me?
Does he think I'm weird?
Does he want "we?"
Does he care?

Is he real?
This can't be true.
Am I dreaming?
I know you don't feel how I do.
Should I? Shouldn't I? Does he? Does he not?
Feb 24 · 116
When the sunshine came
Jenna Feb 24
I need to straighten my crown,
I need to clear out my head.
I need to flip up my frown,
I need to get out of my bed.

I'm gonna take back my smile,
I'm gonna be the best me I can be.
I've been hurting for a while,
I was blinded by sin, but now can see.
Feb 20 · 237
What it's like
Jenna Feb 20
When I turn to look at you and see you looking at me,
It makes me feel lighter than air.
When I'm in pain and your the first one to see,
It gives me hope that life is fair.
When I have bad days and only you can tell,
I believe that your a blessing.
When we're both sad and going through hell,
I believe that your the only thing I'm missing.

Broken hearts, shattered dreams,
Daily glances, perfect schemes.
Your someone I'll never forget, but...
Why haven't you left me yet?
Sorry if there's any bad grammar. I have been having to use voice type because I have a mild concussion but I really wanted to write my poems. Enjoy!
Feb 18 · 99
Call me
Jenna Feb 18
If your heart is broken,
If you need a shoulder,
If your down in your troubles,
If you need a lover,
If you need a friend,
If you need help,
If your up at 3 am,
If you can't seem to cope, me...
Feb 17 · 195
Good gone bad
Jenna Feb 17
Good girls like bad guys,
Bad guys like good girls.
Good girls want pretty lies,
Bad guys want between your thighs.

Good girls want bad guys who are good to them,
Bad guys want good girls who are bad for just him.
In my experience as a stereotyped good girl, we always think we can change people. This isn't just a female thing either.
Feb 17 · 307
But I don't
Jenna Feb 17
I could drown in your eyes,
I could faint in your smile.
I could laugh at your lies,
I could leave for a while.

I don't leave when your staring in my eyes,
I don't leave when your making me smile.
I don't leave when you tell me your lies,
I could never leave for a little while.

So why do you?
Sorry about not posting daily, have been very busy. Please enjoy!
Feb 12 · 122
Where were you
Jenna Feb 12
When my eyes were flooded,
When my world stood still.
When my heart was gutted,
When my mind lost is will.

When my smile lost its sparkle,
When my laughter sounded dull.
When my depression fought hard,
When my pain rang through my skull.
Feb 10 · 117
Jenna Feb 10
Mud covered boots, torn up soles.
Fractured mind, abandoning my role.
Running for miles, but I can't escape,
My boots remain loyal, I could never repay.
Feb 8 · 58
With you
Jenna Feb 8
Hours on the phone,
Days without sleep.
Exploring the unknown,
If only you were mine to keep...
Feb 7 · 197
All of my truth
Jenna Feb 7
Why do we get judged by the look of our cover? I don't get it, this is childish, can't we talk to each other?
The things I do chase people off, I understand that I standoff.
"Did you hear the things she said?" "Did you hear what she gets called?" But the thing is, did you that I was Christian at all?
Feb 4 · 339
Jenna Feb 4
Same songs,
Different tunes.
Same nights,
Different moons.
Same stories,
Different endings.
Same mornings,
Different beginninng's.
Feb 4 · 77
Black and White
Jenna Feb 4
When the world had no color,
Life was dull and never bright.
And now with everything a flutter,
The world wakes up at night.
Feb 1 · 582
Flip Flops
Jenna Feb 1
Your happy then your sad,
Your joyful then your mad.
You laugh then you cry,
You smile then you lie.

You marry before you cheat,
You drink before you beat.
You give before you steal,
You were never truly real.
Jan 31 · 786
Trail Blazer
Jenna Jan 31

Ariel gave up her voice for human legs,
Cinderella risked her life to go to the ball.
Moana left her family to save her island,
Merida defied the rules to be truly happy.

Real life:

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space,
Virginia Hall was the first female spy.
Emilie Chatelet was the first female philosopher.
Hypatia was the female mathematician.
Jan 29 · 118
Jenna Jan 29
Why do I love you?

You don't love me.

You wouldn't give up your smile if it made me happy.
You wouldn't cry to take my pain.
You wouldn't take my place if I stared down a barrel.
You wouldn't protect me when my name is said in vain.

But the difference between us...

I love you

I would give up my smile if it made you happy.
I would cry to take your pain.
I would take your place if you stared down a barrel.
I would not let your name be said in vain.
I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I have been sick and out of town. Family is my everything.
Jan 16 · 21
Jenna Jan 16
Is there a choice to love or to hate? If we had neither, would you open up the gate?
Jan 14 · 35
Jenna Jan 14

Laughter loud,
Fry stuffed faces.
Parents proud,
Every day; Ace's

Pillow fort makers,
Wrestling superstars.
Full time risk takers,
Jumping from high monkey bars.


Broken glass,
Shattered dreams.
Hearts of brass,
Far-off screams.

Peeling paint,
Dented walls.
Laughter faint,
Shallow halls.
What you see v.s. what you get
Jan 12 · 83
You see, I feel
Jenna Jan 12
You see a pretty girl,
You see mascara eyes.
You see my bulky curles,
You can't see between the lines.

I feel the ached lased in my bones,
I feel the tears stream from my eyes.
I feel the scars weigh like stones,
I feel my heart withering inside.

You hear my name from rumors,
You hear me say, "It's not me it them."
You hear my heart is a lure,
You can't hear my cries within.

I feel the marks on my heart,
I feel the scraps you left behind.
I feel the burns on the layers of my skin,
I feel my heart shaking inside.
Jan 9 · 245
I love you
Jenna Jan 9
Takes 10 seconds to say
Takes 9 seconds to process
Takes 8 letters to spell
Takes 7 friends to calm you down
Takes 6 minutes to breath again
Takes 5 siblings to tell you he's lying
Takes 4 days to buy the perfect outfit
3 shades of eyeshadow
2 people to make it work
1 time you learn if it's real or not
Jan 4 · 237
2 years
Jenna Jan 4
My heart; breaking
My mind; quaking
My bones; aching
My body; shaking

Never ceasing
Still increasing

2 years after
Jan 1 · 190
Today is my Birthday
Jenna Jan 1
Mistakes will be made,
Lessons will be learned.
Excitement will fade,
My family will be adjourned.

I can drive with supervision,
I can stay out til 10.
I will never be in evil vision
I refuse to lurk in sin.
Dec 2019 · 490
Another Birthday
Jenna Dec 2019
Aging happens,
Never ceasing,
Far from flattened,
Always increasing.

I am still young,
But will grow older.
God's will be done,
Let me grow bolder.
Dec 2019 · 108
Jenna Dec 2019
Why must words be used so rudely?
Words are weapons, use them wisely,
See the world in all it's beauty.
But not even then, will you see what I see.
Dec 2019 · 43
Home to me
Jenna Dec 2019
Sweet tea, mud pies,
All I've ever known.
Praisin God, chicken fried,
This truly is my home.

Country accents, deer hunting,
Southern born and raised.
Shot gun shootin', foot ball rootin',
My life for the rest of my days.
Dec 2019 · 326
Cold Hearted
Jenna Dec 2019
Her hand is where roses go to die,
Her heart is cold and made of stone,
Her gaze is where they cannot lie,
Her smile keeps her from being alone.
I have been having a lot of trouble writing lately. I have found inspiration and will write more.
Dec 2019 · 107
No more
Jenna Dec 2019
He will never see her break,
Not even 2 inches from Death.
Her best friend won't even shake,
Not even when she takes her last breath.

This will happen no more.

Her mind is racing,
Her fists are shaking.
Her best friend pacing,
Her anger is shaking.

This will happen no more.

Her and her best friend are power,
He will fall before our throne.
For we will not be princesses locked in towers,
No, he will be forced to change his tone.

This will happen no more.
Dec 2019 · 26
Jenna Dec 2019
The late nights we were up with you,
It's like you thought it was a game.
You always tore my heart in two,
My brother, you have no shame.
     You had no feelings; and a cold, dead heart.
You made your self go numb.
Even though we didn't know from the start,
I never knew you could be this dumb.
     I've never given up on you once,
But you've made it really hard.
It's never been easy being raised with punks,
But I'm glad you're not up in the stars.
     Countless times, I´ve you´ve ran away,
I never said a word to you.
And now you're wanting to change your ways?
My heart is still aching from the bullets you threw.
     We´ve never been able to talk it out,
Fighting, our cold cruel ways.
You´ve alway´s given me reasons to doubt,
I don´t think youĺl ever change.
Dec 2019 · 39
In My Head
Jenna Dec 2019
"Keep your hair straightened"."
"Don't take your makeup off."
"Keep your stomach flattened."
"It's the breast you need to show off."

"Be seen, not heard."
"Keep your chin up high."
"Show them you're the only girl."
"Let them think your fly."

"I'm tired of the brand name clothes."
"These boots are giving me blisters."
"Powder your nose, smell like a rose."
"But is it worth losing friends that are like your sisters?"
Dec 2019 · 45
This Time
Jenna Dec 2019
This time she'll fight,
She won't ever let it win.
Depression fights with all its might,
And it has since she was 10.

This time she'll be ready,
It will never get the jump.
She will keep have her fist up steady,
She refuses to be in a slump.

This time it goes down,
She will always rise above.
She refuses once more to frown,
That's why she's told every day, "She's loved."
Dec 2019 · 51
Not the same
Jenna Dec 2019
The drive to the house on the hill,
The drives the rivers.
The walks we took to The Old Mill,
Memories of him, beginning to wither.
It will never be the same.

Her heart ached to hear his voice,
She had missed the loud guffaw.
The tears she cried weren't her choice,
But its better to have loved than not at all.
It will never be the same.

Christmas, birthdays, holidays,
Everything still hurts.
Births, marriages, deathdays,
It will always stay and lurk.
It will never be the same.
Dec 2019 · 148
Jenna Dec 2019
Seeds were sprouting,
Birds were shouting.
The mother was crying for,
Her father was flying.

The girls heart ached,
Pain didn't break.
For the father of her mother,
Was never more to wake.

The girl had wept,
With her mother and her mother.
The family's eyes were wet,
We had finally trusted each other.
Dec 2019 · 47
At last
Jenna Dec 2019
As the lush green died,
And the sunshine left,
She wore a mask to hide,
Because every night she wept.

Her mother was happy,
The kids were distraught,
The father got really snappy,
So every now and then she fought.

She fought for her freedom,
She fought for her rights,
Her brother she "She don't need him."
All this anger and the feeling made her slip away in the night.

— The End —