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Jakob Feb 25
this empty cup
with empty wishes
empty dreams all
my unfulfilled visions
thought you were
my future misses
but all I did was shoot
and miss ****,
why didn't I listen
thought my heart
was persistent but
now I hurt and
can't resist it, the
pain don't care
like I do but
won't fix it
she only wants
my attention
when it benefits
her own checklist
guess I'll never be
able to send her
my charms, just
broken hopes
hanging cold
like a rope
Jakob Feb 25
you push
as i pull
we both sway,
you keep hush
so i'd speak
like a fool
as i feel
what i say.
i seen what i love
you only remember
what you hate.
my vacancy
is your fear
to be lonely,
& estranged.
my mind
i'd think of
you daily
inside of
my brain.
a place in
your heart
is my safe
haven that
i desperately
so craved.
it was just
a place i was
unwelcomed &
not meant to stay.
Jakob Feb 25
when the unfathomable
becomes imaginable,
seeing myself as fallible,
when falling for you
impatiently just
feels more practical,
it's how i know
what i never thought
could be actual
you are a masterpiece,
contrived of everything
you know...
those things
we call magical?
an attraction
to your beauty,
is set in stone
just like how i can
be so stubbornly bashful
"sois belle à ta façon."
how you've inspired me
to be more masterful,
i'd happily be
chained to you
forever because
my heart is free,
and your priceless
love is untaxable
for you are everything
always the status quo,
inside my big sad head
and the root of my soul
thank you
my beloved time capsule...
Jakob Feb 2019
An unfathomable grasp
of what I saw,
pierced by blindness
stricken by the awe,
A call towards "Love"
for what I thought
could only be,
not ever sought for,
demised by the opportunity,
a vision, that I conceived,
taking me far beyond
stuck in the eternity,
A place I'll never be free
for it was and already will be,
a contrived leap for what we are taught,
I only seek the remedy to my own agony
the begotten memories I'll never aught.
Jakob Nov 2018
I sufficed,
beyond the
intangible Abyss,
for which my memories,
could only cease to exist.
Of no such place to praise,
then what is bliss?
Time receding with
each diminishing tick.
A repetitive note
left clinging is
delayed on its list.
A heavens Angel
sent to thee
I laid eye
to a miss,
to be certain
I was,
A bittersweet
two forces that
reckoned within.
The simplicity of
a beautiful collision.
All unfolding brim.
To begin, now, or
never is no longer
existent. If i'm
fighting to be
with you,
to leave you,
i'm so gently
The meeting of
our lips would be
missed succumbed
by the risk of our distance.
Solely cheated on our own
death's kiss. A never-ending
to the limitless. A whisper,
I heard that echoed
through the
shattered halls
in the Abyss.
A mind of
the reaper from
its very own rift
of existence.
The Being
to recise what
is no longer
to be precise
a replaying
of unseen clips
that never once did,
til i laid my eyes amidst.

— The End —