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- JGMC Jul 5
The world that we currently live in, is already full of monsters. And it’s so unfortunate when humans let go of there humanity for all the wrong reasons and eventually turn into a monster themselves..

- JGMC•¥• ©
- another little piece from my published book of short poems KCUF.STIGMA ©
- JGMC Jul 5
The sets keep coming and coming, one after the other. You can’t get up to take a breathe lately. You’re held under, so deeply. You sometimes even feel like you’re drowning. But you know that there will be a break in between the sets that are currently crashing down on you.

And when that very moment arises, when you see the break. You will gain your strength, you will choose to swim, to break through those wave’s of sadness, anger and self doubt.

You really don’t want to sink, you want to keep on swimming, because you are a fighter, a survivor and you’re eager to continue on your journey that we call life.

Waves always come and go, but its up to you weather or not you sink or swim..

- JGMC•¥• ©
Another published piece from my book of short poems KCUF.STIGMA
- JGMC Jul 4
Make up or no make up, black or white. Skinny, toned, bigger shaped or curvy. Blemishes, freckles, moles or flawless.
Male or female, straight or gay, bi or Tran. Mental illness, body issues, physical disability or not.

Try not to be to harsh on yourself, try to complement strangers, friends and family members. Try to accept yourself and everyone around you regardless of there shape, size, colour and appearances.

You are all beautiful in your own ways.
I know somedays we can all be so cruel to ourselves. I know we don’t always see what others see with in ourselves.

Try not to compare yourself to others, try to be kind to yourself and remember that you are enough no matter what your flaws are, skin colour, race, size or shape that you simply are.

We all have imperfections.
Remember know one is perfect, but to someone you might be there idea of perfection and I hope one day you can see yourselves the way everyone else does.


- a piece from my published book Kcuf.Stigma ©

— The End —