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Jaxey Apr 8
You're eyes are lies
of sugar skies
but I want desire
lick me clean
in gasoline
and ******* set me on fire
i miss the feeling
Jaxey Mar 31
You're a cup of coffee
iced of I remember
and I thought you had melted
a long time ago
but as it turns out
your ice cubes
were coffee too
and you're just as sweet as before

**** it
curse you life hacks
Jaxey Mar 30
It's sad.
I'm sad.
That the society I live in
will shove me in a box
That the people of this world
will look at me
and see not the words of my story
but the art on the cover
They will see blonde hair
that means a report card filled with mistakes
they will see locks cut too short and thick boots
that means I must like girls
They will see light skin
and see privilege and ignorance
not the scars of my mind
i'm sorry
If I'm not what you expected
For my voice leaks from the edges
And I color outside the lines
should there have been
no lines
to begin with
I'm sorry if I disappointed you
  Mar 26 Jaxey
When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
Jaxey Feb 28
If I sit still
I drown
If I move
I drown faster
You could pull me out
If only you weren't
The quicksand
If only you could help
Jaxey Feb 28
it's up here I can see
just how small we all are
and yet together
we can make for
quite a beautiful view
Jaxey Feb 27
you shove my face
into a shallow abyss
and tell me to find the deeper meaning
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