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Javy Polanco Sep 11
Since when did they get to decide my future?
I’ve heard if you cut enough
Red blood turns to love
And I want to be loved so bad
Javy Polanco Sep 11
I’d die for the thought of us
Please don’t me mad I’m new at this
But I feel like a cardboard box
Unfolded, used, and moved around
And I don’t know what to do with it;
Javy Polanco Aug 21
You look so free
All happy and proud
But what do you feel
When the doors close

is this the life you see yourself in
Trapped with a man, locked hand in hand
Tip toeing the grave of your joy
Javy Polanco Aug 13
Tall man
Standing all high and mighty
Say nothing
Do nothing

And feel mature

Silence isn’t the answer
and violence isn't a solution
Learn from your ignored mistakes
Javy Polanco Jul 23
I was safe there
below the floor
where the rats ate and the roaches lived

Below where all the fights happened
Below all the bruises and scars
below all the lies

Where did it go?
Javy Polanco Jul 4
If I play the game
Will heaven let me in
Purged of happiness
Full of sin
Javy Polanco May 16
I watch as he leaves


Bound by the deadly desire to fall in love

Bound to fall in the same circle of habits

Bound to need me

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