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Jaron Chandler Aug 2018
Forearm violin, and razorbladed bow
Play me the saddest song that you know
Sing me your pain as you cut out each note
Drench the melody in thick crimson woe

Help me understand the disdain that you confide within me
I want to embrace every chord your song screams
I want to be taken by the sway of the rhythm that pervades with every cry of the strings

I hear what you plead, I feel the Grave tempo sweep me through the climactic finale's bend
And In my applause, I pray you never have to play that song again.
Can you accept that each stroke isnt an end with suffering but a suffering with no end?

Turn your face to the sun, then all the shadows will be behind you
Listen to the harmony of the warmth, I beseech you
Though your scars read aloud each bar of your song,
The melody of letting go will cleanse the darkened fog you been subject to all along.
Jaron Chandler Aug 2018
We grew from nothing
Evolved by natural trial and error
Until consciousness coursed its way in
Unraveling the bonds that lock away intellect.
Giving life to feral minds, opening the eye for the first time.
Understanding had awoken inside,
Somewhere along the line, someone realized the truth

We didnt have to happen, but we are.
We didnt have to know, but we do.
The paralyzing thoughts of the after shock settles in seeing that we have been cursed by retaining.
We are able to hear ourselves in our own heads.
We are able to think beyond our bodies

Pondering away the dawning of genesis
Able to make peace with our conscience
Lusting for a calling that screams "purpose"
Are we truly alive without meaning?
Or are we meerly molded by the order of universal fate that watches without a wavering eye

I believe, the latter we prosper, the former we faulter
We are a Coincidence with a purpose
We live life side by side, we coincide in our existence
Each step forward is a step away from the past as we continue on fates forged paths
Make haste and hasten what must be done before you're satisfied with the dirt under the grass, because from nothing we began marching, step by step leading us to our last.
Here's my first crack at a carpe diem poem
I see you
I feel -
Your wide dull eyes
I see through a mirror of pain
I sympathise
I know your loneliness
No-one else feels it .
You carry it well into the night

The ⛅ sun rises early morning
The birds fill the air with their melodies
You wake with a Spring in your step
You struggle
But fight
You plod on

The ⛅ sun-set goes down
Gives rise to a empty chair.
It reminds me of that song that's me in the corner. Losing my religion.
Jaron Chandler Jun 2018
Have you ever listened to break up songs
Singing the words aloud
Singing of the hurt they were brought by someone they love indefinitely
Left with their heart bleeding out as it all soaks into the ground, impaled by nail, slain with clout
Then your met with the bone chilling thought, the paralyzing realization.
That you're everything they are singing about.
Jaron Chandler Jun 2018
As I sit and stare
From my lonely bar chair
While enjoying a casual captain and coke
filling the room with my cigarette smoke
I notice that, in my lonesome, dreary world
I am but a seed among redwoods

I cant comprehend the conundrum that is life
I've been at the edge of the reapers scythe
Caving in to the pressure and strife
Living under the dim, florescent bar lights.

I didn't come from a broken home
But I did create one of my own
In my mind, where no light shone,
In the deepest sanctum, my awareness had undergrown

I sheltered myself, locked away in a cage
Any thoughts of moving on I saved for another page.
I wrapped around the idea that I couldn't make it out on life's stage
21 was the end of the line for me
And going any further I had forbade

But, before I had realized
I rose from the ashes
Overcame the obstacles
And really took in life as is passed

Each fleeting memory I had I grasped it
I now understand how i got here
I've turned my life around, the drugs, the *****, the pain and everything that masked it
I trashed it. I dont want it, I dont need to have it

Here I am.
Moments in front of my parents garage
Suitcases packed,
Friends and family arrive to send me off with a "bon voyage"

I finally got it
The key to happiness was right in front of me
I've had it all along but somewhere I had lost it
I dont know why it was so difficult to see

It's that, we pave our own paths
And anything that is trying to stop us
Is only temporary,
We may hurt from the mistakes in our past
But as long as you are able to get up and own who you are now
Then you will forever be set free
Overcoming your past and your own mind are huge feats for some. For me they had been my most dangerous adversaries. But when you lose it all and are given this clean slate, you can make anything possible, you will find you will do whatever it takes to finally be happy. You have the chance to seize every opportunity to turn your life around for the better and you'll only stay put if you chose to stay there.
  Jun 2018 Jaron Chandler
I'm transparent like a window
but I'm prone to keeping curtains closed
to cover up my youthful,
aching, naked soul.

I used to be promiscuous;
my essence on my sleeve.
a charming laugh; a crystal glass
from which many a fool drew drink.

A chalice of life;
warm like cinnamon wine,
soft like angel's delight.
Beheld by every eye.

But it never felt right;
I was smoke off a fire,
yet still smouldering coal.
Just a young, beautiful

byproduct of desire.
There's no smoke without fire.
Although, I tried to fan it cool;
the flames ran only wilder.

But as the old wind blows, it seems
a withered tree still grows new leaves.
A dandelion spreads its seeds
but they lie far away from me.

Now, I move transcluently-
ultraviolet invisible ink-
I speak in soothing whispers;
they travel further than you'd think.
Iridescence is things seemingly changing colour on their own- I think we all have the power to grow and move away from our pasts.

I love how fire is a destructive yet cleansing force.
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