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Caleb 2d
I lived in a place
Of dirt and ****
Creating life

I was seen
As a quiet young fellow
Living in a tiny town
Filled with **** and crime

The government pushed
And laughed
Making us plow
Their food

Killed and shot us dead
We had no dread
As we knew we would die
Whether escaping or shot

Leaving was a risk
At least a death a day
Everyone wanted to leave
But it was not meant to be
This is for people who live in a place they want to leave but cannot die to forceful governments.
Caleb 5d
As time gone on
And the heart breaks
As the body dies
And the horrible lies.

The very thing
Which was gone
until you passed
on on on.

We met on the sun
As it finally set
Seeing the world in darkness
And taking our first breath.

Now back in that time
With this first kiss
Seeing all the stars
Where did they all go?

You are now gone
But not in my mind
I hold hope only
If I could see the stars again.
Fading stars in our minds as we age. May we live so we can see the stars.
Caleb 5d
It was on a day
Filled with white
Covering the world
Of darkness and death

At a prison
We call school
I saw you
In the cafe

Heart a pounding
And racing beyond degree
Time slows
As I get nearer

I hand you a card
As I do I say
Will you be my Valentine?
And she similes.
Happy Valentine's day
Caleb 6d
It was only yesterday
When we met
Didn't know
It would change our lives

Back in unknown dark
Far apart
We found each other
And opened our eyes

I hope you will see
As I have done
That my love will
Change our lives

Only you and me
We will be having
No worries
We were meant to be

We see and saw it was
Time to go
Even in our deaths
You changed our lives.
Enjoy and reply back.
Caleb 7d
As the candle of light fades away
And the sphere of night rises again
It brings us hand in hand
Closer to the universe.

Rising past the trees with birds in the sky
Sparrows and Robin's racing by
Closer yet farther from home
Inside our tiny universe.

Clouds of grey pass us by
Leaving on your hair
Drops of heavens tears
In our tiny universe.

Ohhh shhhhhh
Celestial Movements
I understand
Our Celestial Movements.

With no air left to breath
We should be dead
But our hope
In our tiny universe
Saves you and me
From their destiny.

Closer to the light
That shines four our fight
Gazing upon the world
In our tiny universe.

Oh shhhh
Our Celestial Movements
Our life will be
Celestial Movements
Hmmm hmmm yeah...

Close and far
A world apart
Suns and Moons
And your tears
Oh oh...

Lights collide
As our hands reach
Brought in forever.

The hearts of life
Our Celestial Movements
Yes, I and you have
Celestial Movements.

Tunes of heaven play
On this starry night
Hope and happiness
On this long and winding road.

Tunes among the stars lay
Across our universe
Just you and me
It was meant to be
In our tiny universe.

Oh ohhh
Mm mmmm
Yes it's you
We will see
Our hearts
Together again
In our tiny universe.
This is the fourth poem. I am planning to make a song out of this. Please enjoy! New poems every few days.
Caleb Feb 11
It was the year 1207
A little city was founded
Where Mercy meets the Irish Sea
Bound to be Great
Its got to be

The love which I hold
Is not for this city
My heart belongs to you
Along with the city

Part of the U.K.
Stronger together
Industrial Power
That will last forever

Even after the bombs
And all the death
We come back stronger
More than ever before.

We hold the Band
That changed music forever
Started in the cavern
And will last forever

So may I introduce to you
After all these years
Not Sgt. Pepper's but

We own the world
Put on the map
Never forgotten
And never will be.

Its time to go
Yet we all know
That history repeats herself
And this city
Is not the only thing I love
For it's you and me
I love you baby
So love me do.
Please like and reply
Caleb Feb 11
It was many years ago today
When I was ruling the day
and I got to say
From Sea to Sea
Owing Sugar, Spice, and Tea.

Battle after Battle
Against the Romans
The Viking Norse
and The ****** French
Never gave up
Even though I lost.

Owned an empire
From India to Canada
Know my power
That shall last forever.

Those ***** Yanks
broke free from me
and now its revenge time
It is meant to be.

I own the islands
Tiny yet small
The brightness
is never gone.

I took the Picts
Even Macbeth could not repute
That they are doomed
This battle is not dead
It shall be the best
And you know the rest.

This is a revolution
Time to industrialize
Cause its finally time
For the British Empire to rise

The sun NEVER sets on the
Please comment and give me more countries to do!
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