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  Dec 2015 fifi S
Mike Hauser
We are all poets
In the same boat
The reason we write
Just to stay afloat
There's no other reason
Of that I know
For us as poets
To stay afloat

So draw the anchor
Hoist the sail
We'll all rhyme our way
Clear outta here
Sailing the pantoum oceans
With the sonnet seas
Casting our lot
In the poetic breeze

Steering riddling rudders
Across verses in waves
Until the very last day
We're made to walk the plank
As we are all poets
In the same boat
Trying our best
Just to stay afloat
  Dec 2015 fifi S
Kelly Rose
She is a ghost within her own life
There, but never seen
She sought love in all the wrong places
Disappearing a little bit more
With each failed love affair
Then one day she was seen
She was loved!
Or so she thought
Now, frozen in fear
She becomes less visible
As love dies
With each harsh word spoken
One tear drop at a time
Each day she becomes insubstantial
A Ghost -
There, but not seen

Kelly Rose
December 2, 2015
A cycle now completed
Will she ever have the
courage to try again?
fifi S Dec 2015
My sleep has left me
As I lay beneath the moon
The lone wolf watches

A sleepless night made me get up and write this,  now I can go back to sleep!
fifi S Sep 2015
A hummingbirds whizz
   Special delivery from Mom
       Her love calms my heart

©js, 2015
I was missing mom when her favorite little bird flew I drew the hummingbird and wrote this haiku.
fifi S Jul 2015
onion vapor tears
steal my raw emotion while
exposing my soul
  Jun 2015 fifi S
the day is slow
the clouds barely drift
shadows lengthen
with minute pace

we sit together
and ponder life
grass grows before us,
tea brews in a cooling ***.

the cat stretches,
rolls over and
falls back into
blu-cat dreams

the world sighs....
                    such a wonderful
  Jun 2015 fifi S
A Hello Poetry song*

I came on the site today
To see what I could see
I wasn't quite sure how I felt
A bit depressed and wee

I went through my poetfriends
Find someone who could help
Read something uplifting
To reboot myself

I looked at a poet
Who reposts other's ink
And sure enough, I found some stuff
The whole kitchen sink!

I went down the repost rabbit hole
Just to have a look
Down the repost rabbit hole
To read some people's work
Down the repost rabbit hole
To find a different way
Down the repost rabbit hole
I learn more each day!

I'm quite sure you've been there
Looking for someone who
Has ♥'d one of your poems
And found someone NEW!

If you love adventure
And like to be free
Come down the repost rabbit hole
Yes, come along with me!

I'm down the repost rabbit hole
Where it never ends
Down the repost rabbit hole
Finding my new friends
Down the repost rabbit hole
I'm no longer blue
Down the repost rabbit hole

My next friend is YOU!
I even have music in my mind
for this! But most people out there
would not understand it!
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