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 Nov 2017 Jane Marie Cooper
Ann P
Playing again
the playlist of memories
trying to feel
we used to have

the feeling we used to share
the warmness of your skin
the touch of your lips
the sweetness of your smile
the crookedness of your nose
they all are gone
I could not feel it
I could not dream it
I dont even remember
how your face is like
Time surely is unyielding
it makes my body
not to remember  
any of those feelings
Its like you've never been in my life

But somehow
the pain is still there
its like
im still hurting
from a wound that
has totally been healed
its like
i've moved on yet stuck
im happy yet sad

does it mean
im just broken?
What would it be like
If towards the end of our lives
They showed a movie
Of our life and times

What would it be about
Would it draw a big crowd
What would the rating be
And would kids be allowed

Would they laugh or cry
Gladly pay the full price
When the scary parts played
Would they cover their eyes

Would we be ashamed
If our families came
At the end of the film
Would they see us the same

Would it be action packed
A Super Hero unmasked
If nobody else
Would our kids be impressed

Would they be happy or sad
When the credits rolled past
Would the movie explain
We did our very best

What would they find
If towards the end of our lives
They showed a movie
Of our life and times

the sun isn't even on our side

You can tell by the way
it shamefully hides

And the clouds only serve
to shroud
out our light

The moon falsely projects
recycled rays in the night

And somewhere,
deep inside all of this,
I sit

And I'm just not sure
where I fit
into it
I am an agriculturist
I plowed the field
I tilled the soil
I planted the seeds.
Until the seed cracked
And life begun
I watered the plants
And applied fertilizer.
Now the leaves are ready for photosynthesis
To transform water and carbon dioxide into food.
Insects gathered both beneficial and harmful
But God is in control.
One day i saw a fruit
It was a perfect fruit.
I waited until it ripes
I harvested it and fed the world.
It was all because of you Lord.
For God.
 Nov 2017 Jane Marie Cooper
there have been many Nights
where i have sat Alone
and Cried
Pills in hand
ready to Die
But when i close my Eyes
and bring those pills to my lips
I see you
and i can't
i can't do it
so I put the pills Away
maybe take one or two
just to ease the pain
to make the firecrackers
leave my brain
but you are here to stay
please never go away
 Nov 2017 Jane Marie Cooper
Hello stranger,
Let me introduce myself, I am the person who may be oceans away,
Or I could be closer than you think...
You deserve wonderful things, so here I am, sending love and light to you!
May your dreams be fulfilled, your smile shining and your day beautiful <3
I wish to share positivity and good wishes :)
There is no time I wouldn't think about you
Your sweet smile that always turns my knees  into jelly
Your eyes that speak plenty of feelings
and your lips that tastes like a candy i never tasted before
I miss you
I miss the feeling of loving you
I miss the little things about you
I miss your touch
I miss your sweet gestures
I still love you
even though it hurts so much
i miss you so much. please come back to me.
comes a time to turn   to put the feet of the heart
forward    step at a time   each foot shod in time lessness
and space lessness

comes a space to hold    to place the hands of the soul
around    the body’s tabernacle    each hand soothed and

comes a view to see    to cast the eyes of the being
beyond    the mind’s walls    built by No without
Know ingness

comes a time to cluster these     in courage and trust
to move away    from the air lessness of shallow being

to step off the craig    onto Love

c. 2017 Roberta Compton Rainwater
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