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 Jun 2016 Janine Jacobs
You do not get to banish people to a corner
Because you think their presence might darken the sun,
And then get mad at them
For choosing not to live in pitch black misery.
When they turn their corner into a place of vibrancy and colour,
Music, dancing, laughter and freedom,
You don't get to burst in and take it away from them.
You sit there and you watch them smile away their fears,
And you can't stand it.
That they are so happy but you, man on the outside looking in,
Are sitting in the sun yet are still consumed by darkness.
Man on the outside looking in, you see happiness and you are enraged,
Jealous of people confined to such a small place of acceptance yet so free.
You break down the door and you spread darkness.
Indiscriminately and in bursts of loud gunfire.
You make all the other colours of the rainbow fade
Until there's only red, red, red.
But neither you, nor anyone like you, will get to banish us into a corner.
In the garden, we're given a small patch of dying grass,
And look at it now, blooming full of beauty.
We are the lilies, geraniums, bluebells, trilliums,
And the countless other flowers
That were once so few, yet now we creep out of our confined patch of land,
And we're breaking down your door whether or not you hear us knocking.
 Mar 2016 Janine Jacobs
Sub Rosa
when you're 18 going on 9-5
and you watch the volcanic birth of the rest of your life
rise from a still ocean
you almost wish
there were resignation letters
for living.
I wish someone had
told me to stay away
from poetry
I wish I had
known it's an addiction
that won't let me rest
I wish someone had
showed me another way
to get burdens off my chest
besides dumping the shards
sealed in bags of vocabulary,
I wish I hadn't fallen
too deep in love
to find solace in words
for this sums up how much
my addiction rewards
Mommy why, i was just barely opening my heart to  you
Mommy you see me through the screen beating my life to you
120 beats per second ,faster than your heart mommy.
Mommy, I feel your smile broaden
Mommy I will love you conditionally
Moommyy what is this clamp mommy ,
please don't it hurts it hurts please mommy

Seven Weeks , Three Days Pregnant

I lost you my precious , Words will never define the darkness I feel in my heart . The darkness of how unloving my heart became, How heartless humanity was around me like infectious leech. Letting you go was the consequences of the bite. Please forgive me,  I made the biggest mistake in my life. The one mistake, where you won't grow up to learn from. What was left of my heart became stone cold , I let go my true shot of happiness, but I couldn't bring you into a world of brokenness and despair. You deserve better, but better than you will ever receive from me. One day I hope you understand. I promise you , my love lies deep in my veins.  I love you ,Heaven needed you back and I regret not standing like warrior and fighting for you. I never will wash dirt on my back,I can never stop apologizing for the vicious attacks you endured by me . Every sunrise and sunset I will forever mourn the death of my own humanity against you.
*One last breath
,Mommy, I love you Forever
I'll float down the river ,patiently waiting for ocean to wash me into abyss , humming to the lullaby,I would have sang to you my precious gift.
this was the hardest piece I ever had to sharee , its raw , its painful ,and i was never prochoice abortion
 Nov 2015 Janine Jacobs
dating a poet is fun,
and you'll learn things about yourself,
that you never knew.
but when you leave her,
you'll be the one who's broken.

you see,
she'll break you down
into bits and pieces-

she'll carve rhymes
into your rib cage
she'll make your kisses
into pentameters.

your voice becomes her rhythm,
and each color in your eye
forms a stanza.

you become pieced together
and poorly stitched,
because she's taken out
the very best parts of you
and the very worst.

she's taken you,
and cut out her favorite parts,
and she'll promise to put you back together,
but the funny thing is,
she never learned to sew.
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