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Nyx 1h
Bleached blonde hair
Due to losing a bet
A once white shirt
now with chocolate milk it's wet

Covered in cobwebs
And dust from the bark
From racing around a course
In the nearby parks

Music blaring loud
As we climbed upon the gym
Talking of life so far
Wearing a ridiculous grin

Swinging side by side
Wind gently blowing
As the sun begins to set
Hues of pink and purple it is glowing

And walking home in the dark
Strawberry yogurt in hand
What an odd pair we make
Tho we are pretty grand

In peace yet again
I'm glad we have made amends
Until the next time my dear
Let's stay the best of friends
Nyx 23h
Cookies of sweet
Sealed with silk white ribbon
Flushes of pink raising on faces
As I love you's are handwritten

Hidden in school lockers
Such a contrast of colour
Awaiting the reader of many
As to make life less duller

And Smiles grace their cheeks
As light chuckles escape
Eyes lighting up
You can see the heart shapes

Snacking on those treats
Handmade with love
Crafted with care
As if a blessing from above

On this special day of days
I'm graced with something more
The happiness of my loved ones
Paired with those smiles that I adore
Happy Valentine!
I ended up baking cookies and making gifts for all my friends leaving a personalized notes inside each one
Seeing their faces light up when they read them was the best thing ever, I'm glad I could make them smile and give them a little piece of happiness
  3d Nyx
Maria Knox
Why do the good feel at fault?

We are not the problem. They are.
We tend to every open wound tirelessly, in return once our backs are turned They reach for handfuls of coarse salt to undo all the hurt we healed.
But it’s ok. We don’t learn. Still we will tend to the oozing abyss as if made by our fault.
Maybe it is.
Maybe it is our fault,
For not seeing the salt.
  3d Nyx
How oddly romanticized
the word "muse" has become
For my muses have been nothing but infuriating
and dumb
  4d Nyx
a lover?

a liar?
beauty is the beholder.
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