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Save her for me oh Lord,
And keep her only for me in one accord.
Please make her loving, funny and respectful,
Independent, loyal and projected,
Understanding, wise and objective.
Make her for me oh Lord and keep her safe,
Until I meet my true half, my heaven sent love and my lifetime mate.
Like the race ain't for the swiffest nor the fight is for the fittest,
Not but those who can endure it will pass the white line.
Not in time but by time, to see the boasting and the fastest struggle to the finish line.
Dribbling like dog mouth slime, and sweating like sour juice from a squeezed lime.

They fumble and fall before our feet,
Tired and burnt out like tasty fried chicken meat.
One last time I look down and see their distasteful grin apon their face,
Bcs the fastest wins the short distance pace but the endured wins the entire race.
Why do you care? About that watch you never used and when it goes missing you get furious,
You get angry at everything and everyone in site,
Misunderstanding the facts by day and the opinions by night.
You didn’t care about it but yet you fight, you roll you cry and sit uptight.
All you knew is that you had it and believed that I would have never go,
But as time flies, you didn’t regret leaving that watch so alone, unused and not cared for,
So ungrateful, now it’s gone maybe to someone who may need it for sure.

Understand that ungratefulness is worst than witchcraft.
Why do you care? That makes me laugh, then makes me stop, then makes me cry,
Like no humble child can resist the temptation of a humble smile.
Remember that pet, oh yes so loving and small and so not kept,
Late at night it cries for food and you were tucked in and you well slept,
Below step, underscore the over applause of a owner who didn’t even care of it’s pet.
Now the vet says it’s dying and there’s nothing you can do.
Poor pet everyone gathers saying but no it’s poor you, foolish you and and ungrateful too.
Not once you ever cared when it was well, alive and full of joy,
No, to you it’s just a living toy,
To be used, abused and then no longer up to use,
And now it’s gone.

Ungrateful so why would you understand.
Why do you care? About your friends, your girlfriend or about your boyfriend,  
You say you are ready and steady the relationship is founded,
And he is humble and never ever liked to be sounded.
She always had your back even when no one else would,
And he stood with you even when they said he never should.
Not that you care she fought for you in ways that would destroy her after all,
He went to hell, he came back with a smile and you cheated at the after call.
What’s your meaning, what’s your words has to do with meaning.
Because as clearly as it is you never meant what you said,
A heart broken, but you don’t care, or you don’t have to weep,
You believe that they’ll always be there for you so you push them below the sheet.
You apposed them, knowing clearly they we’re right,
And you make them feel like they’re weak because they didn’t want to fight.
Now he's gone with betterment in his mind, thinking to himself that, she was never to be mine.
Later she packs up and leaves without a word, why, why would she say a word, she must have said an entire book or two,
Just to you, and about how much she loves you and care for you,
But you don’t understand, you never cared but as soon as they go you feel so alone, so broken, so stupid and scared.

Why did you care, if you ever cared?
About anything so great that you let go of, you’re so fake,
Oh no, was it a mistake, that you **** someone up knowing how fragile they were since from the first date.
You knew who you broke and you broke them with no remorse,
You took them off their path of goodness and threw them off course.
Now your mission is to make yourself look like the innocent one,
Like the roots needs the water and the tree needs the sun.
But they don’t know you yet they will in a time,
So hope you’re grateful for the nothing you have won and the something you have dumped.
Mother once said ungratefulness is worst than witchcraft
Are you dedicated, if yes well you believe in dedication,
Next to further wisdom, spiritual findings and contemplation.
Where you would have the ability to say you're an adult, yes a man or woman,
Say it with meaning and responsibility, because it was given.

As you experience more, your knowledge grows,
More stories to tell and much more children to know.
Don't take adulthood for granted because you can do as you please,
God is in control and he doesn't sleep, blink or sneeze.

The world is big and everyone wants to see it,
It's these times you thank God your in it.
What you worked for will benefit your children,
And income you earn will show in the money you spend.

Benevolence, give back, you have to understand it works both ways,
Always remember you're never here to stay.
So be generous and give without wanting a penny,
Yes life will be hard, and your burdens will be heavy.
In life Self-Discovery is very important to us,
We have to search ourselves and figure out who we can trust.
We are never alone, but we are most better without,
Understand yourself first, before you put someone else in doubt.

Entering the enterprises of life and all its adventurousness,
Beingost curious and brave, its when your life story has it's twist.
Knowing what you can do and the limits you can pass,
Bypassing difficult obstacles and pushing to a life of higher class.

Then early adulthood kicks you in the back,
Hope you have what it takes to kick it back.
Because if you slip or fall and can't get back up,
Well then prepare for pain due to the fact you might be stuck.
Birth is first, after conception,
Born with what God blessed you with, no inceptions.
Expections, love, born in sin but yet not sinful,
So dreadful, poor young child with not an idea of what they're going to be.

Infancy is temporary, unless your childish behavior doesn't fade,
You most enjoy this time because it's not forever.
That's whether, to what's worst and what's better,
Being creative and loving as you are, that heart catcher.

In childhood we play,
Go outside and we're in the sand all day.
Well that's boys, girls rather inside with friends or dolls,
Maybe less play is why they mature faster than boys.

Imitation and Education is the next most important step,
As much you learn is the more wisdom, knowledge and understanding you get.
Don't be afraid, but be cautious as ever,
Because many will try you as you improve and get better.
Some people say talking stuff out works to be honest not really when you have to sit everyday with a tear in your heart, when every moment you have alone that's all that fills your mind, it makes you cold, it makes you unhappy it makes you furious and you cry. Then you tell yourself that yeah I believe in him/her and they'll change. Truth is that believing they'll change is 50/50 bcs every time we look at that person we just feel to break down and cry, like over and over, and you keep saying to yourselves that how could you say such things like "you love me" and this has me not trusting you, not believing you and accepting anything good that comes out of your mouth anymore. Then we smile it away, this ******* HURTS everyday‼

Pain don't rhyme

We try to hide it, and it's not that we want to let go, it's just that you placed so much trust in this one person, that you apposed your siblings, your parents, your friends and anyone else who speak bad about them. You gave them a place you never wanted to give anyone else, you shared things you never wanted to share, you cried in front of them, smiled, laughed and sometimes just ain't do ****. And it all just breaks apart after all this time why should I trust you again, will you change, are you lying or will you be honest, FULLY honest, what are your choices now, what will you do to regain. It's hard for either man or woman, it emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally breaks you in pieces.

Pain don't rhyme

Even when you reach that point where everything is back on a level of faithfulness, commitment, loyalty and true love, that tear remains, that hurt remains, and your heart tells you fix it with that same person. So we will get pass it someday, I'm getting pass it, some day.
Help me please, help mend the tear you create.
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