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Aasiyah 11h
shes insane
but i know she loves me

and it hurts, but i know she loves me

it cant get any worse
it cant get any better
i know shes gonna hurt me again

what is love
i cant say
dont hurt me
no more

what is love
go away
dont hurt me
no more

and i pray
for you
to not be
a fool

what is love
i cant say
dont hurt me
no more
im scared my mom gonna yell at me because of school
11h · 29
its all in a dream
Aasiyah 11h
your fingers
playing the keys

its all how i feel
everything thats not real
i love you
my imagination

its all in a dream
where a song
is for me

ill be there
if youd wait
id stay there
if youd stay

its all in a dream
where i smile
and its real
but sorry

its all how i feel
everything thats not real
11h · 37
Aasiyah 11h
the only place in the world that brings me happiness

isn't real
Aasiyah 1d
it kind of feels like
a slight famine

so empty
warm, quiet

skin dry

looking out
of the blinded window

i'm tired
but i can breathe

through the day
1d · 67
Aasiyah 1d
i surrender to the way you hurt me
but i'm still strong
1d · 28
Aasiyah 1d
So close.

It's normal to feel hurt but not normal to feel defeated.
Sometimes memories can ring in your ears.

Sometimes the tears are felt so much that they disappear.

Doing nothing says everything.

So far.

Everything I want exist.
But where is it?

I feel like writing a book.

Still trying to ignore myself.
I'm the only person who can understand everything, almost.

Everything in this world is for nothing.
Desires get you into hell.
But she keeps yelling at me.

I can't ignore her.

I don't care.
I don't care anymore.
I don't care if I have friends.
I don't care if I'm happy or not.
I don't care if I don't do my work.

Life is tiring, being myself.
All they say is that it is due to me being a teenager.
That has nothing to do with it.

I've already been struggling with depression.
I've already been in love.
I've already lost myself in being happy.
I've already had my period.
I've already hated my parents at times.
It's the most bull(cuss word) stereotype they keep telling me.

And they think they're good parents.
If they were good parents, I wouldn't have been depressed, angry, or lonely.

My head hurts, and no one understands what it's like to be a misunderstood person all their life.

Or maybe I'm just not explaining it right.
Maybe I'm not giving enough detail.
Maybe nobody has to understand.

I still don't care.
I'll just do things to make people happy.

I don't care if I'm happy or not.
just talking about my life.
1d · 35
Aasiyah 1d
I fell in love because you
Make fun of me

I lose myself because you
Make fun of me

It really hurts because you
Make fun of me

I love it so much when you
Make fun of me

I can't see your eyes
All they want is money

I'm tired and drunk
You send me on stage

I'm so happy when they
Make fun of me

I'm suffering
I'm suffering
2d · 34
au revoir
Aasiyah 2d
sometimes you only sound good with music
i dont want to listen to you

sometimes i just want your touch
no one else does it like you

sometimes when you look in my eyes and
say you love me you mean it

sometimes when you say im beautiful
i see it

but i cant stay with hurt
im getting what i deserve

and youre good
but what i say is misunderstood

i dont love you
and i do

the letters dont always
go through

i dont hate you
but i do

cherry marmalade
white wine

wasting money
diamonds fined

and its beautiful
the way you deceive me

i try to convince you
but you wont believe me

but you do sound good with music
3d · 31
Hello Poetry
Aasiyah 3d




3d · 33
Aasiyah 3d
and pathetic

My life is such drama.

I'm not the only one who's said it.

and plastic

Everything is fake.

But I'm real.
3d · 35
Aasiyah 3d
wash bones
eyes hollow
like the trees
carry me on
like wind
like bee
i want to be
3d · 29
Aasiyah 3d
why am i motivated
but can't do anything?
3d · 25
j e e z
Aasiyah 3d
i m t i r e d o f h e r y e l l i n g a t m e
3d · 26
feel it
Aasiyah 3d
i guess you never had power
Aasiyah 3d
sometimes i feel alone
episodes inside home
i have a broken mind
wish i had broken bones

pain hurts more when
it doesnt heal
heart is empty when
it doesnt feel
reality hurts when
it wasnt real

walls only trap you
when you stay inside
the truth only hurts when
there was a lie

blood only spills
when theres a wound
the lullaby only plays
when the box is wound

things have to be on their tips
to spin around
3d · 17
Aasiyah 3d
City lights wait for
Cars to crash
City lights wait for
Me to break

Peeling off walls
Peeling off bricks
Everything breaks
Over time

Pity for flood
Pity for fire
Pretty destruction
Like our love

Times running out fast
I didn't notice
I was too busy

Pretty destruction
Like myself
City lights bright for
Someone else

City lights wait for
Cars to crash
City lights wait for
Us to drive for cash
7d · 113
Aasiyah 7d
red and blue lights
breaking down walls

tripping, sinking
melting, stinking

stained windows
dim sunlight

look across the street
who will you meet
a stranger

look down

filling, spilling
ripping, spoiling

rats running around
7d · 32
Aasiyah 7d
she keeps rubbing her stomach

not because her stomach hurts, and shes hungry

but because her heart hurts, and

                                           shes hungry
Aasiyah 7d
flowers will grow in spring
when alone, ill sing
all my sorrows loud

sweet lemonade
nothing heals, no aid
i wish silence was loud

parades of deeds and sins
and praise for nothin
i derserve it all

nevermind my smile
didn't last a while

and ill be closer to liberty
the tiring hold of family

if you loved me
you wouldnt hurt me
you wouldnt make me cry

if you loved me
id be happy
i wouldnt want to die

if you werent so verbal
or maybe if i didnt hear

you should thank god
that im still here
"happy" birthday for me
7d · 149
Aasiyah 7d
im not shameless
im just hurt

trying to be happy
getting worse

cant stop crying
my eyes hurt

love you deeply
even if you hurt me

i know how i feel

nothing i want
is realistic

i guess thats life

love and satisfaction

sorrow and torment

nowhere to go
Jan 14 · 127
i stay here
Aasiyah Jan 14
I'm sure

we've all sang summer sad

when it was gray

you're so used to

those bright days

i'm sorry

it's hard to stay strong

it's hard to live long

some times you want to go away

but i stay

i stay,

even if i break away

even if i don't see day

i stay

i cry

i cry,

even if they see me cry

i stay

i go

i go,

even if i tell myself

not to go

just to stay

but i dont stay

i forget

when i dont want to

i forgive

when i dont want to

i live

i stay here

with tears

and pain

not alone

still cold

walking through rain

i stay here

ill stay here
Jan 14 · 18
Aasiyah Jan 14
im scared
but i try
my heart beats
i do it anyway

even if something defeats me
rips my skin and eats me
fear is always pleasing
releasing your holds

shaking like im cold
regrets way too old
a fairytale im told
"time will heal"
Jan 13 · 79
Aasiyah Jan 13
The world spins
It's running on friction
Our eyes see
We're running on blood
And oxygen

And we're all strangers
to each other
Not knowing
One another

We're all strangers
And we see danger
But the danger
Isn't here

Its on the other side you don't see
That place you don't want to be
It's where some of us go

Flowers grow
They run on the sun
Evergreen wither
They rely on no one

Some of us
Burn our skin
To every sin

Some of us
Go in the shade

Some of us
Look in the eyes
Of the sun
To blind
To find

The world sinks
Under polluted waters
Jan 11 · 45
Aasiyah Jan 11
save me
just save me
just love me
and crave me

too wanting
its dangerous
and taunting

i just need to
isolate myself
the only thing
i know
blue feelings
and violin strings

playing around
in the head
i hear it
in the head

blue things
and a harp

i hear it
in the head

my brain
is dead

my pain
knead, knead
Jan 11 · 20
no new celeb
Aasiyah Jan 11
action, cameras
you're empty

love, satisfaction
you're dreaming

smile, pose
make-up, rose

do you
know where
all this

i feel sorry
for you, rose

see your
on the

but your blood borne.
with piercing thorns,
just because
you were torn.

now the petals
are gone
just the stem
is left

i think its called irresponsible
you think its called

drinking, sobbing
you're blank

don't have to
bout the bank

just another
new york *****

miserable, lonely pearl
its the life
of a girl
that whirls
in the cameras
Jan 10 · 125
Aasiyah Jan 10
i'm bleeding.
i'm feeling better.
I'm a calming ocean.
Jan 10 · 21
Aasiyah Jan 10
friction hurts a little
leaves my bones so brittle
hit me
light me up

i cant cry, no
dont know
where my tears

im already lost
cant wait to pass out
from exhaustion

friction makes me desperate
i just want to see
how love feels

maybe love isnt real
maybe love, i cant feel

but what i felt before
so amazing
i dont want to feel it

friction hurts a little
but makes me weak
i cant stand alone
but i still do so

i guess im solo

makes my bones brittle
im weak and i still stand
telling myself a lie

friction hurts
Jan 6 · 24
Aasiyah Jan 6
so much hate
i want to throw myself out

so mad i
want to trash the whole house

so ungrateful
i want to be an orphan

so much trouble

what do i deserve
i think death would serve
ive been putting myself
on a silver plate

and then
theres the praise
still doesnt satisfy
i vision your evil eye

i am deadly
i cry and dance
to the medley

so dark
im blinded by the sun
so reckless
im having too much fun

im in too much pain
its killing me

what do i deserve
i think death would serve
ive been putting myself
on a silver plate

and ill wait for desert
my sweet and bright hell
Jan 6 · 34
Aasiyah Jan 6
i cant say that i was shocked
but i was affected
sorry for what?
opening up to how I feel?
its kind of hard to not talk
when you've repressed your emotions for four years
not talking was the problem
but now it is?
I got in trouble
Jan 6 · 19
Aasiyah Jan 6
love, pain, and hate
all in between
strong feelings
that arent seen

but you want to look
at what i say
and i only ignored you
for a day

i try so hard to leave it be
to make you disapear
but you will always
stay here

and it makes me cry
it crashes all in my world
it tears me apart
like my heart is paper

theres no other way for me to let go
than to write it out
but its still not working

it hurts
but its deserving
this strange love

the love that never leaves
the love that i hate
the love i try to get rid of

i want you gone
to sort it all out
but you never leave
you will always
stay here

dont come next year
dont be there
i dont know how to feel
i wish my life wasnt real
but i have to get through

dont come next year
cold like the snow
and no one will know
or feel
how i feel
about you

dont come next year
leave me alone
deep in my bones
you hurt me

dont come next year
dont come at all
dont come as the seasons do

dont come next year
dont come tomorrow
do you have any pity
Jan 4 · 32
Aasiyah Jan 4
School is boring without you
Want to move with you
Don't talk about the time
We almost kissed
You only talked about
The friends and family
That you missed

I got a bit of cash
I'm going to
Buy some glue

So you and me
Can stick together

I was going to
Do sometin for you
So you can
Want me too

But now you left
It kind of hurts

I got a bit of cash
I'm going to
Buy some glue

So you can't go
Jan 3 · 173
Aasiyah Jan 3
Sometimes you give me chills
That make me go head over hills
Sometimes you make me smile
Sometimes you make me laugh

Sometimes you make me bold
You give me fire in the cold
You lift me up
When i'm on the ground

I love your voice
There's no better sound
Jan 2 · 23
Aasiyah Jan 2
put the drums away
i can still feel your beat
so lovely
swept me off my feet
i dont like music
its too much of a release
but now i dont care
i just want to listen to your hair

is it really that bad
will it make me less sad
if i just had
a boyfriend

now i need restraints
hot like im about to faint
i dont think he would like cold paint
that paints ugly things

i dont care how i look
ways i move will make you shook
with my mind so dizzy
feels like im not sober

is it really that bad
will it make me less sad
if i just had
a boyfriend
like you

is it really that deep
will it keep me from sleep
if he left
would i weep

would i die for it
would i cry for it
would i lie to it

i dont think i should
it wont help my life
i shouldnt try

is it really that bad
will it make me less sad
if i just had
a confront
Jan 2 · 24
what am i feeling
Aasiyah Jan 2
what am i feeling
something that makes me want to cry
something that makes me tired
something that pulls me

what am i feeling
something that makes me empty
something that makes me happy
but im not happy

what am i feeling
something that makes me want to die
somethings that pulls me
something that keeps me going

keeps me going
all day
it keeps me going
all day

when i dont want to stay
when i want to say
why god why
it makes me want to cry

something thats so romantic
it makes me dance
something thats so bright
i dont need sunlight

what am i feeling
it keeps me down
makes me float
when i try to drown

makes me smile
when i want to frown
makes my heart beat

im feeling
something bad
and something good
something too
Dec 2019 · 25
Aasiyah Dec 2019
my headaches
the earth feels
like an earthquake

its so sad
my fault
i have too many
pills to take

my headaches
my teeth hurt
the earth quakes

burn me
at the stake
let me bleed
a lake

head ache
my headache
your screaming
my mistake

i should have
a headache
you ****** birds
cause me to deaf

my head aches
i have too many
pills to take
Dec 2019 · 25
Aasiyah Dec 2019
why do i suffer to live
why do i strive
why do i continue
why can't liberty
reach me in my penalty
why can't my life let me breathe

in and out
out and in
****** ******
****** kin

you cant breathe
when you suffer
you cant feel your heart

****** kin
hate each other
rip each limb
off another

and we continue
to suffer


polluted rain
permanent stain

the world suffers
with gas

why do i suffer to live
in and out
out and in
****** breathing
****** kin

unravel the world
by its strings
Dec 2019 · 75
heart attack
Aasiyah Dec 2019
my eyes filled with white and black
feeling my heart attack
i want to destroy
i want to ignore
the walls
the noise.
i waste hours
bite my skin
bite my nails
feeling thin
but so heavy
all within.
i want to bleed
but i keep it in.
bite me back
feeling my heart attack
i can stop loving ----
wanting him to love me back.
Dec 2019 · 81
Aasiyah Dec 2019
red skin
and dark eyes

cold breath
and deep lies

skinned teeth
they're all white

but your heart
is black

and you're coming back

deep pain
and no control

drinks rain
sore and swole
Dec 2019 · 94
Aasiyah Dec 2019
I can't trust people too quickly.
I can't let the touch my heart
just so they can push it down
and tear it apart in their gory
disgusting and ****** way.
I can't help their heart beat
all the time. I can't help them
breathe all the time. They don't
help me breathe. My mind, my
brain, my emotions all cracked.
I don't think it is possible for me to
socialize or feel normally. I have
already been heartbroken and abused.
But I don't need to be careful. I am
stronger now. There are just too many
provoking words.

Just please
leave my
heart alone.
Dec 2019 · 44
Aasiyah Dec 2019
Just admit it.
We both make each other uncomfortable.
I think my love and hate for you is balanced.
One gets heavier than the other at times.
Dec 2019 · 150
Aasiyah Dec 2019
please, just trust in god you will get through.
don't worry.

Don't trust anyone else.

Do you see the smile that came across my face?

I am a liar.

I can laugh, cry, and change you through my face.

i can change the ways you see things.

Do You See How I am changing my Words?
Dec 2019 · 60
Unconditional Love
Aasiyah Dec 2019
Unconditional love
Has a wedding
Far away
Where no one can see
Just you and me

The only gift I have is you
No wedding cake
No relatives

It's not a secret wedding
Because it is special to us
It is just as if
The whole world would see our wedding

We only spend on food and travel
We only spend on what we need
No expensive things
Because it is too similar to greed

I want the wedding to be pure
So when we move far I will be sure
You will say 'I do'
We don't even need a priest

All we need is our true love
And sincere intention
Dec 2019 · 38
its alright
Aasiyah Dec 2019
its alright
make up bed
get yourself
into your head
fix your room
get right back
into your life

think deep and cry
be honest, dont lie
palms in your face, sigh
live before you die

if music kicks your feet
then listen to a beat
if you cant listen to music
then do what meets your situation
for your information,
its alright

dont start a fight
because youre tired or sad
we all need comfort
but others need it bad

live life at peace
you know what you need
act out of kindness
and do good deeds

its alright
whatever you feel
just pay attention to what you do
its alright
*sips tea*
Dec 2019 · 35
Aasiyah Dec 2019
it was all good from the start
felt it all in my heart
gave me a little rush
you were more than a crush

i want to put it in better words
so that i can feel good when i'm heard
but these simple words
are all i can use
the memories light me up like a fuse

i've been betrayed
i thought you loved me, thought you loved me

i was very fragile
i was very broken
i thought you fixing me
but i didn't tell you bout my emotions

i was very lonely
i wasn't very outspoken
i was so happy with you
a month of meaningless moments

i haven't been betrayed
i thought you would've stayed
i thought you loved me, thought loved me

all i got in the end
was pain and strength
now i have regret
because i cant forget

and everyone's upset
now i have regret
cause i cant forget

i thought i was betrayed
i thought you felt the same as me
the way i loved you
i thought you loved, thought you love me
i thought you loved me
Dec 2019 · 63
Aasiyah Dec 2019
sunday is sweet
bicycle broken
chocolate treats
ice cream and tuesday

we have madness
summertime sadness
queen-like badness

it's all me
you have to give me credit
i bought it, i got it
i kissed it, i said it

i did it for you
every day
didn't let anything
get in the way
Dec 2019 · 70
go a way
Aasiyah Dec 2019
there's nothing left to say
but you
good bye

don't get mad
left what you had
i won't get sad

there's nothing left to say
so don't try to stay
i won't say it

to you
good bye
go a way
Dec 2019 · 35
Aasiyah Dec 2019
Do I love you
Or am I exhausted

Am I crying
Or am I a faucet

Do I feel
Or do I just act

Why are cigarettes fun
And dangerous

And why do they
Keep cutting my dress
Dec 2019 · 25
down the river
Aasiyah Dec 2019
the evening
it doesn't bleed
i'm scared

how much time
will i need

if i lay
i will fall asleep

but the night
it gets too deep

rocking in a canoe
don't know where i'll go

crickets chirp
owls hoot

glittering stars
guide me far

i look at the photo
it looks like you want me

but i know its just me
that wants you

i don't know why
i hear you

i feel you
i'm near you

no, we're so far
you left me

rocking in a canoe
i don't know this river

it's getting cold
i'm starting to shiver

it feels like snow
wolves howl

i'm tired of crying
i can't get off

it's like Pocahontas
except i'm lost

down the river
in the forest
so alone
Dec 2019 · 54
Its there
Aasiyah Dec 2019
I think around,
I'm deep
I want it to ******

I love the sounds
The creep
The lurer

The fly sings
The walls drip
The knife glistens

Its there
Its there
Its there
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