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  Dec 2019 Aasiyah
all of a sudden
every dream
is about you
  Dec 2019 Aasiyah
Ravens in the snow.
Beauty in its simplest form.
Darkness within light.
  Dec 2019 Aasiyah
If only you could see
What makes rivers flow to seas
Brings love back to me
Aasiyah Dec 2019
Ah, I see the moon is very thin tonight.
It's elegance glows in the dark.
Of course, it steals that light from the sun.
The stars twinkle beside it.
The clouds are also thin.

The blades of grass sway in the wind.
The wind is cold.
The world isn't so dark?
Aasiyah Dec 2019
Deep in my heart
Chords play ******
I am flooding

Keys they chatter
Doors they open
But I'm left in

I will not stand in fire
I will not be miserable
I will not drown in my tears
The fears, they ******

The walls they're painted
And feelings, they cry
But I'm acquainted
With hiding my life

When it's dark, it's lovely
The night loves me
It watches me suffer
Blowing quietly

I can't hide anymore
But I do
I don't love anymore
And still do
I don't sin anymore
And I won't
But I still have something to pray for
And you don't
Aasiyah Dec 2019
Sometimes I fight, I strive
To be in this world, stay alive
To force my pride, to survive
To be a tiger, life
To be a tiger in the night
To be a tiger, ready for the fight
To be a bird, ready for flight

Sometimes, I cry, I see
What the past is, and it's pain
I do not who I will be

Sometimes I love, I adore
The lovers that came before
The mistakes, all that it takes
To be glorified, with your gifts
Rowing your boat
On the riffs
Climbing bare,
On the cliffs
Only the tiger
Knows it's scare

Only the warrior
Fights bare
Only into the sun
She stares
Aasiyah Dec 2019
I could live
If I cried
I could change
If I tried
I could love
If I would be patient

I could breathe
But I don't
I could believe
But I won't

It doesn't take much
To make much
to change much

But it doesn't take much
To the make the same mistakes

And don't ask
How long would it take to change
'Couple minutes
'Couple days
Because you can change
In many ways
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