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Jake Phillips Mar 23
-Jake Phillips

Do you remember playing on a playground?
Meeting your first friend

“Come on mom! I want to go, Ii want to go!”
Tom yelled from the top of the stairs, hopping around trying to get his shoe on.
Tom is a boy of about 9 years of age. When he was about 6 he was diagnosed with
A skin disease that makes a big bruise looking spot on his face.
For years his mom would “protect” him from other people.
She would keep him in his room, she would home school him, and never let him go to the park.
But she noticed that he would watch the other kids play at the park across the street
And she felt bad for letting him just sit there
“Tom, if you’re fast enough we can go to the park”
Haltered tom’s mother
Tom’s face lit up with so much joy and happiness, that his mother thought he would explode.
“I’m going to the park, I’m going to the park”
Tom began to yell while running around looking for his shoes
“Oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! I will have so many friends”

The second his mother opened the door tom bolted out and stoped at the gate.
He looked into the park full of kids
They were swinging, sliding, climbing, running, jumping, and even flipping
Tom said in a slow shocked tone.

As tom slowly walk-in, the breeze blew into his face, and he giggled
He ran over to the other kids and asked
“Hey guys, you want to play?”
The kids just looked at his face and said
“Heck no!”
Tom didn’t understand
“Why won’t they play with me?”
He asked himself.
He ran to the slide area with a roof
And began to cry.
“Am I weird, is that why?”
He asked himself while sniffling
All the kids began to laugh
“Hahaha, the ugly crying kid, ugly crying kid, ugly crying kid”
They repeatedly said that
Over, and over, and over.
Tom wanted to stop crying but
The pain just kept coming
“What did I do, what did I do”

As he began to calm down and felt and heard
Someone climbing up, toward him
He felt a hand touch him on the shoulder
“Don’t feel bad, they laugh because they are ugly”
Tom looked up and saw a girl, her hair was over her face so he didn’t see what she looked like.
“My name is Ashley”
She said,
“what ‘s yours’s”

Tom slowly said
Ashley lifted her head to show her face
She had a spot on her face, just like toms
“You want to play”
She said, giving out a hand for tom

Do you remember playing on a playground?
Meeting your first friend
Jake Phillips Mar 22
Teen life

(in the eyes of teens/girls)


Raise your hand if, you can drive
Yeah, it’s pretty fun, right?
Pressing the gas and driving down the road
Riding down the sunny day
Living your best life and say “dude”
The one thing going through
Your head is
“Man I need to post this”
You get on the gram
And take a photo of you driv-en.

Isn’t social media great,
you can connect to everyone in the world
With just a press of a button.
Talk to your friend
With a “LOL”
Or an emoji hand
Lifes Good as a teen right

Till it’s not

Don’t you hate when you have
Bad hair day.
You wake up to find
Your hair all over the place
Like really!!
“I can’t even right”
Or when you get to school
And the teachers tell you
“Get off your phone!!”
Like really!
It’s my phone and life right.

All this home/school work, like
when will we ever use this!
That’s what google is for
“ Hash-tag useleeeesssss”

Oh don’t get me started
With kiki
And sa-va-ge love
And all the dances
The hand move-ments
Do it twenty for seven

Us teens need to keep goin
We can’t get hurt
We got keep drinkin
Monster of course
We can sleep when we’re dead
That’s why many teens die

Yeah it’s a bit dark but
It’s true.

Oh man,
“So this guy, like broke up with his girl
And she went like savage
And started screaming and stomping
Yellin how could you do this to me

Especially girls
Always have drama
(you can come and say otherwise, but we all know it’s true)
They run around telling secrets
And rumors
Us guys make bets
“I bet 20 bucks that  that girl and guy
that just met,
will break up in
Um, maybe 2 days”

Teen life is full of everything

But till it’s not
It all just starts with a bad hair day
Or no coffé
So don’t mess with
A cranky
In there
Jake Phillips Mar 18
comme je regarde au ****,
d'une mer ouverte.
le sentiment de solitude
et la brise.
le ciel si plein
de rose / violet
des nuages
le bruit de l'eau qui coule
et paix
use google translate to translate
Jake Phillips Mar 16
As I sit in this empty room
I think
As I think I came to a conclusion
I was perplexed
In the conclusion, I have thought of
So I started from above

A room of empty I sit
And think
And came to a conclusion
That I thank
About still got stuck
With the conclusion, I have thought of
So I thought of giving up
But as I thought of giving up
In a room of empty
I came to a conclusion that
Perplexed me

If I’m in a room full of empty
Then to whom am I speaking?
walk in
say hello
sign in
and then you go
go into and sit on down
in your assigned seat
and without a sound

you're the only one
no one else
just you
and the teacher
and your self

have some work out
don't do nothin
get a pencil
and get to workin

classmate start to come
the bus has arrived
smart or dumb
does not come to mind


girls are laughin
guys are wanderin
and I'm wondering
what we are doin

All I hear from all around
is stay six feet
for cryin out loud
put your mask over your face
one little cough is all it takes

teachers are sweating
students are crying
map testing is coming
grades are going.

end of day
are alls reliefs
pack up your bag
and you can leave

"What is the Greek word for the shoe"
What what how would I know that
"if the cat jumps at 2.13456 kilos/sec what will it do
hold on?
"if the snow is cold what is this?"
"if you do this test are you doing it?
why the dumb questions

Total Score: 205

"same as last time"
after the other
the other

after work

a smirk
a smirk

because one
after the other
the other

got something done

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