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Sep 2017 · 597
By her side
Moonlight Sep 2017
I've seen you by her side every day since you left me,
Got nothing to say.
Are you happy giving me this pain?
Sep 2017 · 274
Each of my petals ♡
Moonlight Sep 2017
I'm wilting.

I gave you each of my petals but now you've decided to take another rose.

I'm fading.

Because I gave you each of my petals and you don't even care.

How could you do this to me?
Sep 2017 · 630
I Never Knew ♡
Moonlight Sep 2017
I was never special but you made me think I was when you picked me from all the stars.

I never knew you could make me feel over the moon until you hugged me tenderly.

I never imagined that my dreams would come true until you came to me.

But now you have shown me how replaceable I am.

And without you..
I think I've lost everything.
I think you've found your happiness with her..
Be happy.. I want you to be happy.
Sep 2017 · 214
May 30 ♡
Moonlight Sep 2017
To say you are my everything is something deeper than it appears to be..
Thank you for having me.
I'm not disappointed, just a little unstable.
Sep 2017 · 287
I need from you ♡
Moonlight Sep 2017
I know you needed to say goodbye but
Now my heart is weak..
I'm going through difficult times and..
I need some help..
I need from you.

This is too much to bear..

I just need a hug from you..
From time to time..
and I'll be alright..
I need you.. R
Apr 2017 · 216
Moonlight Apr 2017
He give me chills with his touches of divinity..

Every night.. the moon advises come near..
#divinity #moon #chills
Apr 2017 · 182
Thursday without you..
Moonlight Apr 2017
The moon peeks out my window..
A reminder of him appeared..
My heart is enchanted..
I wonder what he's dreaming..
Maybe I'm there..
#dreaming #moonlight

— The End —