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 Feb 14 Moonlight
when i think of you
you are now no more than a
stranger i once knew

a stranger
that broke my heart
and didn’t care
that what you left behind
wasn’t me anymore

a stranger
that stitched themself
into my life
just to rip themself
out of it
without warning

a stranger
i once loved
with all my heart
that never gave
anything back
to me
but silence

a stranger
i once thought i knew
but realized
too late
i didn’t recognize
who was
in front of me

when i think of you
you are a stranger
and maybe that’s
how it’s supposed to be

but i find myself
missing you
even though
you are a stranger

even though
you hurt me
more than anyone
ever has before

even though
you turned me
into someone
i don’t recognize
in the mirror anymore

even though
i am now a stranger
to myself
i am caught
in your web
unable to escape
from your grasp,

--- i knew you once (and it was nice)
 Dec 2018 Moonlight
Until you
 Dec 2018 Moonlight
Numerous times staring at your name in my phone
Never thought I'd be afraid to lose someone
Until I met you
Always looking for something to keep me numb
Never thought I'd love someone
Until I met you

Lonely nights in my bed
Thoughts of you and us fill my head
Break me down world
You told me you didn't want me down that road
I'll fight to stay straight and be better
Poems for you I mean every single letter

Empty bottles and jails cells that road no more will I roam
Never thought I'd mean so much to someone
Until I met you
Fight the demons in my head, once again here they come
Never thought I'd care for someone
Until I met you

Punching and screaming at the wall
Believe me for you I'd risk it all
You told me you wanted the old me, silly and happier.
I lost myself in life's maze, now I'm free and stronger

I'd walk a hundred million miles for you, no I'd run
Never thought I'd adore someone
Until I met you
I give you my heart, if you want pull the trigger here's the gun
Never thought I'd fully trust someone
Until I met you
 Dec 2018 Moonlight
how I wish I had
photographic memory
just so I could
see you again
 Dec 2018 Moonlight
your name echoes in my mind,
on the windowpanes
where the rain falls,
drips down the cold glass,
making the world so bleary
-like waking up in the morning,
to the soft smell of warm chocolate.

the warm sweaters you wear,
they’re so unlike you-
-you, the girl who tells me three words when she’s afraid,
for me, the girl who can’t seem to float
and yet somehow i fly.
you’re all dark and softly-bright,
like cotton candy wisps and dark velvet necklace’s,
not warm burgundy and spiced hot chocolate.

one night, one fall night where the leaves were barely red,
i was afraid of you,
the way my skin turned to embers,
our shadows waving and flickering in the moonlight
yet now i cannot stop to wonder why the fire
turned to stone.

now i look into those eyes,
i see the sky laid about bare,
and my soul hanging by a thread in wonder,
hands touching.
you are the moon -going down in the sky,
giving birth to an easy morning in the country summers.
you are the stars, far points on light that call me home,
reach out to touch me from my place under you,
calling me to my dreams.

soft breaths against a soft cheek,
a warm head, with soft hairs mingling in your sweaters
-the way you lean over, no, not over,
but as if to cover mine keep it safe from the darkening sky and whirling leaves.
i am the lone girl under rattling metal rafters,
when they’ve all gone home,
and i,
standing alone in the dark wondering about you
am still under the rafters of a place that isn’t home.
 Dec 2018 Moonlight
Rose Everest
Dear Icarus,

I've fallen in love with another person,
he's like Hades.

He treats me better than you did, he makes me laugh like no one is looking, he makes me smile more–
just everything more than you did, Love.

Instead of you who made me cry every now and then,
who may or may not be disgusted by my own being,
who made me question every single bits of myself,
"Am I pretty enough?" "Am I good enough?"

Icarus, Love– I've loved you for 2 summers and I'd never, ever regret loving such beauty.

I loved you and I still do.

Rose E.
this is where our chapter end my love
 Dec 2018 Moonlight
Penguin Poems
I miss not missing you
I miss not thinking of you
Go back where you belong,
Anywhere but my thoughts
 Nov 2018 Moonlight
 Nov 2018 Moonlight
I have began to have so many good days that I forget the bad.
But when the bad days begin to ebb and flow back to shore,
I can feel the currents of a tsunami.

I stand on top of the tallest building
as I watch the wave rush in,
the force nature taking demolishing my sanctuary.
My progress.
My safety.
My recovery.
I watch as all of it fades away.

And then it recedes,
leaving a broken, ****** mess in it's wake .

It's a mess
that I will have to clean up.
 Nov 2018 Moonlight
Cassie P
They always told me
That the hardest part about drowning
Is the first breath in.
That's when you start counting.

Your lungs fill with water
You're struggling for relief
And the pain seeps in.
And don't forget the grief.

I think letting go
Is just as hard
Because there's no goodbye.
Death always plays the wild card.
 Nov 2018 Moonlight
I have a bad feeling
This bridge between us is about to burn down
But maybe the heat from the flames will be able to warm your heart
Since my love wasn’t able to.
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