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  7d Moonlight
Second place hurts,
but I met you first.

It took a while to get here,
yet my heart raced first to the finish line—

winning you.
for AJ & Paige
I don’t have the right to write you a poem
But let me do it anyways.

I wish I had been prettier,
kinder, bolder,
I wish I had deserved one thought of yours.
I was content, though,
Watching you from a distance,
While around you they caved the gold mine,
And all the girls tried their luck.
I was content, though,
Knowing you knew my name.

I remember you,
Not without nostalgia,
Because I wish I had been prettier,
kinder, bolder,
To have deserved you.
But our threads got lost in the riverbed,
I threw my coin and lost you to fate,
That is why I let you go
And be another’s,
And maybe someday I’ll see you again
And be brave enough to say
That I took my chances and lost the gold,
But that someone I hope deserved you more.
I don’t want to be your friend.
I want to kiss your neck.
I want to sink deep into your arms
and never return to the shore.
I want to travel to the parts of you
which no one has dared yet to explore.
I want to be yours—
I want my body to be yours.
and i want yours to be mine.
but for our hearts to do the same?
that’s much easier said than done.
  Dec 2020 Moonlight
you all scream profanities like there's nothing to lose
she looks so frightened in front of you all

you're so loud and shes so quiet
you're so rude to her

she doesn't deserve that
  Dec 2020 Moonlight
teachers come and go
but very so often one comes along
that you'll always remember
one who makes learning an adventure
the kind who can make you the best
someone you can relay on
who really cares ; what happens to you
not just as a student but has child
who could give out love in all directions
so that you don't faint when you're homesick
inspire you and shape the best version of you
teach you the words that heals wounds
today I'm here because of you
it's you who made me believe that I can alone make it sense
that is you, taught me to smile in hardships
thank you for your presence
god must be grateful for creating you
and I feel the luckiest to be your student
you have me and I need you as guide ;
no matter what I have you at loss of words
you're the polestar for the child who lost his way
and I know this polestar takes him in right direction
(ma'am forgive me if I have any grammatical mistakes ;
this child is not perfect yet
the only one that understood me in school
  Jul 2020 Moonlight
Evelin G hoffman
Inexplicable fue tu llegada
Tu llegada a mi mente
De una forma inesperada
Te as adueñado de mi completamente .

Inexplicable es cuanto deseo tenerte
Sin poder controlar este deseo en mi mente
En fantasias te tomo en mj pocesion
Sin preguntarte si apruebas esta accion.

Inexplicable es como atravez del tiempo
Siento que te quiero y no te miento
Te as adueñado de una parte de mi corazon
Y trato de ser fuerte para no perder la razon.

                            7/18/13  EveGaby
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