there’s a network
of vigilance
around the guarded
of walla walla
stacked cinders
smoking rails
(and weezers)
leave nothing
but black hood

gray halls
and razor scrawls
mark the hellion crust
abandoned overtures
and dead fill
cloud the horror
and retribution
of this **** hole

bloaters and skin heads
(with wretched memoirs)
shout incessantly
from the
second floor
adolphus greely
reading over the
rights of nantucket
and banging his head
on the bent
steel bars

pockets pinched
and tumblers
the stone walls
a seminal moment
crosses the roo house
as mother mary
and the good
painted warrior
loosen a
finely tuned grip
We are but a fleeting plume of dust,
We are but a withered patch of rust,
We are but an aimless wind, whose ******
Is drifting, through the dreary twilight's must,

Awaiting, the new rising of the dawn,
Awaiting, the dewdrops which glaze the lawn
Awaiting, the quick prancing of the fawn,
Whose dancing through the fields might lead us on

Through streams and forests, far from where we've strayed
Through pastures, where the lilies rock and sway
Through clearings, where the sunbeams pierce the gray
Of the eternal dark, to light the day.

Yet, here we wait, with eagerness and zeal,
Yet, here we lick our wounds, which never heal,
Yet, here we churn the spinning water wheel,
Which drips the fatal poison in our meal.
I listened to the seeker speak  
Telling tales of treasures he did seek
Singing sailors songs of long ago
Most of which I used to know

Of late there’s little that I’ve sought
I needn’t more than I can tow
For I’ve lost all that my wealth has bought
Watched treasures rust and bountys rot

I’ve gone from haver to have not
This failing flesh is all I’ve got
My seeker’s soul is growing weak
There’s little left for me to seek

I’ve had my chance and cast my lot
But there’s no bounty in this plot
And no use for treasure where I go
I needn’t more than I can tow
A wisdom only dead men know
First there was ***
Then he made me
It feels like
I sat in the dark for ages
Until finally
There was you
And light filled the earth
The lights and camera
The divine energy holds
A multitude of drama
The light up the moment
She's the Wonderwomen
He's the thunderbolt
her divine cup sips to
trips no one's fault

Her cupped hands
Egyptian grain of sand
Light up Divine cup
To the Godly lands
Under her sheer light
But he's the waves

to her heart seascape
Saying light up my
I Apple ring her pictures
On Instagram
Hush sweet
Scarlet lights no
Into the red light district

Don't give a dam  
Orient express
lights up perfect
light up fun dress
Amazing Galaxies
I tune wedding-lights
The million- fantasies
The Shinning cups

Fertilized of Forever
Burning light of Italian
vines the vinelands
My Venus love
of hands
Light of the Titans

The man of
good deeds
In my special cup
To the end of the earth
Light up my divine cup
To eternity higher force
Told the story

Heavenly with fierce
Heart filled with
Glory it is never the same story
The light up the moment we do not usually get somehow the darkness comes but our heart brings on the light cup
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