May 15 J Klein
He sniffed the wolves
~found them wanting
Wolves sniffed of him
~found him daunting

The shepherd fears
not beast of prey
With shiverin' lambs
he greets each day

Upon the hills
and braky glen~
shepherd watches
o'er his friends

And when the night
calls lambs to sleep
the shepherd sings
while grey wolves weep.

r ~ 25Mar14
  May 15 J Klein
Yesterday I headed west
I left the sea      gulls behind me
they cried    so did I
something strong was calling
me home   where sacred stones
are planted strong
with words carved deep
inside my heart
I'll plant lillies   lay a rose
tell my Mother   I am home
and my brother  and Dad too
I'm glad to see    they aren't alone  
as I turned away
I heard a bluebird say
Son, don't you come to stay
too long     for this earth is cold
when the winter comes 
the ocean's now your home
go breathe that warm breeze
until the sun no longer shines
and the eagle flies   the gulls
no longer cry    then you'll know
the time has come   for you
to climb aboard and sail away.
Home in the mountains for a few days.
  May 14 J Klein

Today's my daughter's wedding day.
And a wonderful thing it is;
To see her so excited,
So happy to be his.

But once she was my baby girl;
My only girl, love of my life.
But now she is a woman,
And just became his wife.

Once she was my baby girl,
Loved her mommy, and her toys;
But then, I couldn't stop it,
She grew up, and loved the boys.

Today's my daughter's wedding day.
How fast the time did go;
From little feet, and Sesame Street,
To a wedding gown it flowed.

From pretty locks, and lollipops,
She grew up straight and tall.
From baby things, to a wedding ring;
How I loved her through it all.

And now she will go forward,
To enter married life.
To share the good and bad times,
The happiness, and the strife.

I wish them both, the best of luck;
With a prayer that I will see;
Him bless them with a baby girl,
Just like he gave to me....

J Klein May 14
Often, the worst time to die is when you want to
J Klein May 14
I saw the man in car across
Eat the green he should have tossed
When eyes did meet I swear he spat
But it was way too late for that
If you're gonna eat boogers on the go, it'd probably be good to tint your windows
J Klein May 13

Were I to question the water's flow
Or stand against the current strong
I'd be remiss, as man can't know
(like lyrics to a seraph's song)

For water cuts where soil fails
And even stone can't stand between
(The place where all the waters go and the source of all, the great unseen)

So instead, upon its seas I'll sail
And smile as I float along
With no compass in tow
(for eyes can't gleam)

The way of the heart
when, like water
(It flows)
-As the great Bruce Lee once said-
"Be like water"
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