J Klein 2d
You ain't that dark
Little man
See, light abounds in the closets
you love to inhabit
But you've got your special glasses
"Fear goggles" if you will
So you continue to wander
Willfully lost
But is it fear
Fear that if found
You will be found... out
A fraud
A simpleton
A shallow nothing
What if
(the big question)
You ARE all those things
To someone ELSE
What if
You are nothing to
What has changed
What has been taken
Nothing gained
Nothing lost
Only limited light in your dark world
The necessary concealer
The veil
The safe space
The thing that has defined you for so long you can't imagine being anything ELSE
But true definition, true being,
my friend
Is only achieved when you let some light in
CONTRAST... Holy fuck
What a novel concept
(not really)
There is no light without dark
And no dark without light
And there is no humanity without a fair amount of both
Just a shallow false flat character
A Disney Villain
Living in a dark fantasy of their own making
J Klein 3d
You wore those
black pants
the ones that clung tight
to every inch of your
long love traps
and wrapped
your flawless form

And had that
belly button ring
(amongst other things)
all the assets
the ones that
made for a swarm
of willing lovers

I was younger
than the others
and eager to please you
...sure, i wanted to
but it was more
than a fancy or  
fuckfling type thing

You made music
sound better
and put hope in the letters
on the pages
of the songs
I wrote for

And I
was hope-less
I confess
as I envisioned the position
i would take
when I gave you a ring
(amongst other things)

How I
would fantasize
about you and me
too blind to see
  it was unwise
to trust undercover lust

You wore
those tight black pants
And I was a blue jean guy
You loved
Sitcoms on Sundays more
And made fun of me for
Fellini on Fridays

but mostly you
wanted to
be with a "real man" who
Would say you were worth fighting for
not a young bar musician
who sought love that
was worth writing for
  3d J Klein
trace your faint touch down my rib cage,
whispered nails hush my chest,
let's synch our heart beats,
exhale burgundy breath,
that cheap red wine
and our ultra violet teeth.

unlace your lucid lust,
cocoons under silk sheets,
thread counts are high,
your body next to me.

your head rests gently,
my arm falls asleep,
i try not to move,
make sense to me.
J Klein 3d
I keep casts of imprinted feet from muddy matted river banks
Where now and then by chance we meet, yet part before I offer thanks
Where time stands still while ripples dance
And solace puts my will to trance
Where earth meets sky and mountains form
And haughty eyes can be reborn

It's here, where the Cumberland river flows
The familiar stranger comes to me
And takes away all this world's woes
Breaking my heart so beautifully

But just as quick as he does come, he vanishes without a trace
And to my will I must succumb, left longing for another taste
And in that moment on the bank I fear it's true, I'm all alone
Too self absorbed to offer thanks for all the sin that was atoned
So I search the mud for pieces true, proof that he was somehow real
But leave the bank, again aloof
with but a mud-cast imprint
of my own heel
Revised version
J Klein 3d
I do not understand you well
Flesh that forms my mortal shell
Nor do I know how to subdue
The crazy fucking things you do
J Klein Oct 5
It's too early to smoke
But too late to go back
The vessel has broke
The water runs black
Father time just stole off
Into this morning's cool mist
While yesterday scoffs
And the Critic enlists
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