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JZM Jan 2020
Thought of them today
Kept me smiling through the day
Our friendship seemed to be never ending
Considered our friendship to be everlasting
Our special time together
Never failed to make me smile
During our sad times with one another
We would endure for a while
Everything meant a lot to me
Grateful that you all were here with me
But little did we know
Our paths were not the same.
Nostalgia hit my mind
Now Realized, we will part ways
Sooner than I wanted it to be
Remembering everything we enjoyed together
Time well spent, there for one another
Thankful for the memories you made with me
Cherished memories, in my heart they will be.
I miss my family and friends
  Oct 2018 JZM
Mary Allard
Your poetry is a story,
the story of your life
Drowned in flowery, rosy words
carved from heart by knife
And as your words
grow and grow,
thoughts tangled up in vines,
I begin to see you clearer, dear,
beyond those clever rhymes
Because what those flowery words conceal
is all those thorns you hide,
the music of why
you'll end your life
and how many times you've tried
JZM Oct 2018
Everyday feels the same
Nothing interesting seems to happen today
This world seems to be black and white
Confusion turns the mind
As it turns the heart has changed
It left a hollow body in space
Mind abandoned, lost, stuck in space
The person itself was struck with daze
random thought ?
JZM Oct 2018
Alone in this island
When can I leave?

No communication
this is my current location.
No determination
leaves me to frustration

I've thought
is this the end?
But it was always
I need a friend.
To make most of my days
as we enjoy at the bay.
castaway lol

— The End —