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I am a sailor
In an ocean of dreams
Where all our fantasies
And desires begins

Don't be afraid
It will never fade
A compilation of dreams
Are kept and made

Chase your dreams
If you believe its worthy
Don't let it slip away
If you think you are ready

I also have a dream
It is poetic and bright
That is why I am not afraid
To hold on tight

I had fought the challenges
And get up whenever I fall
Because our dreams are treasures
Big or Small...
All rights reserve.  © John Vincent Obiena July 16, 2019. ™
Long time ago, there is a legend about a lady who has been cursed to have a daughter half human and half snake, the story is known by many but all are skeptic because they didn’t saw it personally. One day there is a group of villagers who hike into the mountain of Zeraya, this mountain is famous because it is said to be the mountain of mysteries. The villagers are looking for some herbs that will be use as an ingredient to their medicine. One of them is Kio; a brave man and a very kind person; the villagers decided to spend their night on the mountain for it is dark to go across its forest. They set all their tents and burn some woods to keep them warm. The villagers didn’t notice that there is someone who is sneaking on them at the very minute they step into the said mountain. Everyone is ready to go to sleep except for Kio who chose to stay outside the tent for a while. He walks near the river and didn’t notice a pitfall on his way, he fell and became unconscious, along came a mysterious girl named Jiana and save him out off the pitfall, Jiana is the daughter of the lady that had been cursed, meaning, she is the girl half human and half snake, she was also the one who is watching them as they step into the mountain, she is lovely and she is pretty even her body was a snake. She stare and smile at Kio as if she likes him, well, she do likes him because she kissed her on his lips and Kio felt her lips. As he wokes up, he saw the other villagers staring at him, the girl vanished and Kio think that it is only a dream even though it is not.
            The next day, it is time for them to leave the mountain and go back to the village but Kio is still thinking about the ******* his dream. He can’t forget her lovely face so he decided to go back near the river. He saw Jiana and scream as he saw her body… Jiana glides away from him and hide on the back of a tree. Kio noticed that Jiana was scared. He stand and say, “My apology for what I’ve done, I was just shocked for what I saw, don’t be scared, I’m Kio, I think I saw you before; who are you? May I know your name? Is that real?” Jiana is still scared but she answered Kio, “I am Jiana, I live here in the forest, I am different from you but I am not a monster, it’s not my fault I am like this… In fact, I was the one who saved you from the pitfall. Kio realized that the legend was true and decided to keep it secret, He then asked Jiana if they can be friends, Jiana think for a while because she don’t know if she can trust him but Kio explained everything. Jiana accept Kio and Kio accept her for who she is. Their friendship digs deeper as Kio visits Jiana everyday and bring her foods. Their relationship became serious and they fell in love with each other.
            One evening, Kio went back  to the mountain, one villager secretly followed him, he found out why Kio is always out of their village, he even learn about Jiana and their secret relationship.  The villager immediately went back to the village and told everything he knew about Kio and Jiana. The same night, all the villagers march into the mountain holding their torch and weapons as they shouted the words, “**** the Lady Snake, **** the Monster!” Jiana sense that the villagers are coming to **** her so she hugs Kio and told him that she is scared; Kio said “Don’t be scared, I will protect you, I won’t let them hurt you or touch you either.”
            The villagers arrived and told Kio to leave Jiana, Kio answered, “No! I will protect her from you, she is not a monster, she is innocent and you don’t have the right to **** her, maybe her appearance is different from us but her heart is pure of love and kindness, she’s just a girl who seeks for acceptance, for friends, and for family, she have been alone for so long and I will never let it happen again.” Jiana realized how important she is to Kio. “That girl is using you, you’re out of your mind Kio” said the villager, “Pointless, you cannot judge this girl because she’s different from us, you don’t know her, you don’t even know her name, you don’t even give her a chance to show how good she is. You are the one who is out of his mind, if you think you’re good enough, believe me you’re not, try to look in the mirror, and you’ll see who the real monster is. Why don’t you try to give her a chance, give her the freedom to be one of us, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like a monster. Please, open your eyes and your mind, look on to her heart and not on her appearance. We all deserve to be loved.” The villagers then realize what Kio is trying to say, Jiana thank Kio for what he said, Jiana cried as she felt Kios’ true love. Everyone apologize to Kio and Jiana and accept her to live with them, the villagers learned that they were wrong about Jiana. Kio continued to protect her and love her with all of his heart. He asked Jiana to marry him, and at the wedding day, Kio kissed Jiana in front of the altar as his oaths to love her forever and always. Suddenly something mysterious happen; the curse was destroyed, and Jiana became completely human. Kio was very happy for Jiana, she hugs her tight and say, “You don’t have to be scared anymore, the curse is already broken and we already have each other.
The two had their own family and they all live happily ever after.
Moral of the story: We are all unique in many different ways, we are not made perfect and most of all we are not made to judge other people according to their physical appearance. We need to learn how to respect and accept every person we met. Learn to love and beloved.
“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. –Anonymous
©2013 J’Vincii Code. All rights reserved.
I was with her all along
Happy moments,
Lonely nights,
All those struggles,
Rights and wrongs,
Our road had been tough
Numerous situations turned rough
All those barriers and chains
Broke even all those pains
But the road is still endless
We remain strong and fearless
That whoever stands against us
Whatever blocks our path
We will stay together
And be with each other forever,
Coz' I was with her all along!
I can't sleep thinking of this road where it will lead me, but I think that road lead me to this short word play.
I am just a man
And my dream has just began
To be a great writer is what I want
To write something for everyone…

I believe it is not easy
But someday you will see,
With my confident to do this duty,
I will write a great poetry.

I will write a song,
I will write a poem,
Even telling you the story
Of the beautiful cherry blossom

And when I end this,
I know that I made it;
And behind all of this,
Is a great writer to be cherished…

©2009 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.
This passion is always a dream of me, I really want to be a writer, a poet, and sometimes I ask my self I already started to reach my dream...
There is a little red bird sitting on a tree
I then tried to catch him but it suddenly flee
I want that little red bird but then I see
I think it will be better if I let him free.

There is a little red fox on the side of the bay
I then tried to chase him but he ran away
I want that little red fox but then I say
I think it will be better if I just let him play.

There is a little red hamster crawling on the grass,
I then tried to hunt him but he hide so fast
I want that little red hamster but then at last,
I think it will be better if he stay where he was.

There is a little red frog jumping on the shore
I then tried to grab him but he hops even more
I want that little red frog but then I recall
I think it will be better to let him jump and crawl.

There are this little red ones singing together
I’m glad to see them happy and live with each other
I hope we understand their words and laughter
For these little red ones should be valued forever.

©2013 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.
This poem is suppose to be publish in one magazine but problem occur that it failed to reach the final submission, but still this is one of my favorite poem I made.
As we woke up each and every morning
His love and beauty comes shining,
His greatness and power is pouring,
And He gave us all His blessings…

I know that I have always been a sinner
But He is always there as a healer,
All the sacrifices of our God, our Father,
He only wanted to make us better.

We only remember Him if we need something,
and there are times we turn our back on Him,
How selfish we are to do such thing
While our Lord God gave us everything…

We only realize our faults when its too late,
But remember, our Lord God can always wait,
Confess all your hatred and your mistakes,
Believe in God and don’t lose faith.

Today all my worries are lessen,
Even my burdens have lighten,
Because God our Father in heaven,
Is always with me 24/7!

©2014 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.
Do you believe that God is always there to lighten up your burdens and Love you because he is our Father in Heaven. This poem is will make you realize that He is always there for you.
Naaalala ko pa yung araw na maging tayo
Pakiramdam ko noon tumama ako sa lotto,
Yung tipong tila ba’y ayaw kong tayo’y magkalayo
Tapos malingat lang hanap na nang hanap sayo…

Lumipas yung mga araw naguumpisa na ang ating istorya
Istorya na hinubog ng pagsubok at pagtitiwala
Mga tao sa paligid ambag sa kwento natin ay iba-iba
Yung iba nakakatulong, yung iba naman nakakasira…

Umabot sa buwan tayo’y patuloy na tumatatag
Sa kabila ng kaliwa’t kanang problemang sa ati’y hinahapag,
Walang sukuan, alitan natin naaayos natin sa loob ng magdamag
Para sa pangakong relasyon natin na sinuma’y di kayang matibag…

Taon na ang binibilang panibagong kabatana nanaman,
Kahit mas tumindi ang bagyo, kaya natin lagpasan…
Kahit minsan, mabigat na, patuloy parin lumalaban
Mga binuo nating pangarap di natin binitawan…

Tumagal pa at tumatagal mas minamahal pa kita
Mas may ngiti at tawanan mapapansin sa ating pagsasama
Ang alitan at problema parang sa ati’y wala na,
Dahil mas malaki na ang tiwala natin sa isa’t-isa…

Patuloy na binibilang at pinagtitibay ng panahon
Pagmamahalan nating di kayang sirain ng bagyo o alon,
Ang pangakong pag-ibig na walang kondisyon,
Ating ipinaglalaban at ipaglalaban KAHAPON, BUKAS, NGAYON!

©2017 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.
Isang tula patungkol sa pagsasama at relasyon namin ng aking kasintahan, mulas sa aming pinagdaanan at sa tibay ng aming pakikipaglaban...
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