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Jonathan Nouse May 2018
My world is cold
These days are old
I've aged so much
From the loss of your touch.

Over a hundred days past
It feels forever will last
I cant go on any more
It's time to close the door.

Seal me away from today
Lay me in my coffin and pray
That god will forgive me of my sins
That I will be reminded of my wins.

I'm cutting too deep
And this blood is starting to seep
Dont cry dont weep
Good memories, please keep.

Sad days are to come
False hope resounded by some
That everything's okay
And I will be ok..

Please end this pain
That no man can sustain
These days are a stain
That pours down like rain.

Every second that goes by
Is another tear that wont dry
I'm drowning in sorrow
At the thought of no tomorrow.

I cant live a life
Without my beautiful wife
I cant enjoy the ride
Without you by my side.

God forgive me
I pray you will see
My own mind
Is my greatest enemy.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018

Because they will always be misunderstood and misinterpreted. You'll just dig your own grave and bury yourself in your emotions.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I should've done that differently
I could've saved them if only I did this.
If only i would've known this. It wouldn't have played out the way it did.

**** this.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
A strong emotion.
But is only secondary.
Anger is never the first emotion you feel-
It goes deeper.
You are sad or scared
Which makes you angry.
You're disappointed
Which makes you angry.
Anger. Is secondary.
So why do we allow it to consume us so badly?
And why is it **** near impossible to control?
Being sad leads to anger
Anger leads to sadness
Which leads to more anger
And transforms to depression.
I'm so angry at the thought of
Moving forward..

I'm angry at being depressed.
But I'm so depressed I don't want to go on
Which makes me angry.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I wish I could've seen it sooner
Even Just a little bit
That the way that I loved you
Just didn't quite fit.

I learned my love young
The love of physical touch
That feeling of someone near
I knew they loved me very much

And you learned yours too
early on in life
That the time spent together
Was your needs as a wife.

I tried to love you
With my only known way
Not knowing that you
Just wanted me to stay.

And you tried to love me
With what you only knew
Not seeing what I needed
Was physically you.

Our love was honest
And our love was true
But we couldn't see
What the other person knew.

But now that I know
What you truly desire.
I will strive for our time
And set you much higher

And once you see
What I truly need
Is just a hug and a kiss
My burdens will be freed.

I dont feel like it's over
Just a mere bump in the road
And With time this will heal
And will lighten the load

This is a blessing in disguise
Because Its let me see
A new perspective
On how you needed me.

So if another chance is given
till the end of my days.
my time will be with you
Forever and always.

I love you.
Jonathan Nouse May 2018
I've counted the days.
90 to be exact

I've clocked the hours.
2,160 if I'm correct.

I've times the minutes
129,600 if my math is right.

And I've recorded the seconds.
7,776,000 and rising.

That's how many times I've thought of you.
That's how many times I've beat myself up.
That's how many times I've let myself down.
That's how many times I've failed.
That's how many memories I've lost with you.
Cherish every second because it might be your last
Jonathan Nouse Apr 2018
Melody and harmony work
To make something beautiful.

They won't always be happy
Sometimes it will be sad
But as long as the two follow through
Music is made.
Dont get ahead of your harmony. Work together
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