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JS Jul 7
everytime i think i have finally arrived
found happiness
in the empty, hot desert
found some shade to rest in
midday comes
the sun shining bright and hot from above

no place to hide
nowhere to escape to
JS Jun 13
i was searching for the moon
the one you've been staring at
but i ain't waiting for the moonlight
because i'd rather see what's on the other side
inspired by/roughly based on moonlight by KAWALA
JS Apr 9
how many coincidences make a rule?
JS Mar 23
tomorrow will come

today i need more, so much more
today i want to hold on to you
smell the sweet smokey scent of your hair
as the softness of your lips mixes with the goosebumps on my neck
today i don't want to forget
focus on you, just you
laughing away my past and future
injecting fear with every word

tomorrow will come
the return to my daily hell
of scraping you off my skin
JS Feb 28
“i loved you a little“
a little bit of madness
a little bit of sadness
a little bit of life
a whole lot of you
JS Feb 1
three small words

the first time
i felt sick
could not believe
never heard before
never felt before
called you foolish
but only after
did i understand
your painful truth

people always leave

and so did you
JS Nov 2020
i have this picture in my head
of me returning
to the place where it started
breathtaking fall colors
as if i had never left
of me dialing
hands shaking
i hear your voice
have counted the days i didn't
"i'm back"
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