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Afraid of being alone
I face my fears
Alone i sit
After all these years

Afraid of drowning
I face my fears
Sinking into an ocean
Full of my lonely tears

Afraid of heights
I face my fears
Atop the highest mountain
Hoping someone hears

Afraid of leaving
Afraid to face this fear
Afraid to say good bye
When everything i love is here
Im afraid of starting over again
Im afraid of losing eveything again
Im afraid i wont make it through this again
  7d Jme Love
if beginnings truly end
so ends may begin;
forget a happy ending,
I'll take the happy beginning
that never ends.
  Feb 9 Jme Love
An empty girl
In an empty room
She doesn't smile
She doesn't cry
I tried everything
It doesn't work
No emotions
I tried to love her
I tried to hate her
But she's an empty girl in her empty room
  Jan 25 Jme Love
Elizabeth Zenk
with a lead bullet dancing in my head
i’ll send the petals flying
onto the tombstone where which i lay
with shriveled lilacs dying.

dormant my figure shall wait
under the snows of winter’s rage
beneath the dirt i lay.

i will turn from flesh and bone into
daffodils and daisies.
the amelioration of my corpse will be left forgotten.

down here within my coffin
i will be left
my flowers shall bloom
and my body will be no more than petals plucked by a lovesick fool
Jme Love Jan 25
You say you love me
Ive been lied to before
You say you want to be with me
You take off out the door
You say your issues are not my problem
You do nothing to try and solve them
You say your scared of losing me
You keep pushing me away
You say you miss me
You leave and stay gone for days
You say your not cheating
Another womans bed is where you lay
You say you dont lie
Thats what all liars say
You say you love me
Ive been lied to before
I know i love you
Love goes two ways
I know i miss you
Shouldnt have to everyday
I know i want you
Its time i move on
I hate doing this
It will be easier once im gone
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