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Hakeem Jenkins Mar 2019
You invaded my mind and held my conscience hostage,

My memories were tied together by your words,

Bound to be together you told me,

But your weightless words left me adrift in the clouds and now I rain down whenever my days get a little too heavy,

You simply cover yourself and wish I would go away and sometimes I wish I would too,

You always did prefer the sun,

Every warm embrace evaporating my damp love from your buttermilk skin,

And now I'm wishing I had come again another day,

Even now as I think about you,

I'm finding new ways to monkey fist my tongue tied because if there's one thing trucker's hitch has taut,

It's my memories to the opportunities I missed to love you.
Hakeem Jenkins Mar 2019
I loved her like a pair of shoes,
Wearing her so I could keep my feet off the ground,
Tying her down at the laces so I could walk my preferences along her body,
I loved her like a pair of shoes,
Throwing her under the darkness of my bed when the day ends.

— The End —