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J Poggi Oct 19
Feast on my grievances,
hold them close to the chest

Eyes clouded with prowess,
I’m Queen of Swords at best

They told me that night
it’s an eye for an eye

You still trust me?

Don’t you know a serpent always lies..

J Poggi Oct 17
I looked to the shore,
white shell adorned
but you were still there

I looked to the moon,
hummed a lowly tune
but you were still there

I looked to past,
regrets written in the sand
and you were still there

Your love so unwavering,
how could you still care?

J Poggi Oct 17
You were looking at me

I was looking past you

counting the people in red

The snow fell around us

eventually they found us

a heap of blankets and limbs

J Poggi Oct 14
You’ve been
so very keen

a watercolor display
of your magnanimity

spirit reminiscent

of the
Aurora Borealis

I'm telling you
because I've seen

where you belong
I believe,

is amongst the stars,

on a cinema silver screen

J Poggi Oct 14
In stillness I wait,
mouth agape

waiting for the words to precipitate

a fountain of life,
onto the page

J Poggi Oct 13
Pain reflected in another’s eyes

We don’t see each other tonight

It just a mirage

leftover from the daylight

J Poggi Oct 12
I was caught in the whirlwind
now I’m shedding snake skin

that was the old me
she was a shoe in

feels like a dagger
make you the villain

before me or after
  there’s blood in the kitchen

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