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  Feb 11 TuFF GHosT
The snowflakes like kisses
That'd melt on my skin
And felt strangely warm
As they'd roll down my chin

The waves from our lake
That lapped at my thighs
The ****** I'd feel like
When I'd see a moon-rise

The dip in my hip
And the bounce in my stride
And that feeling of solace
When you stood by my side

My waking up early
On a bright, sunny day
The timely directions
When I'd lost my way

The sun and the moon
And the stars in the sky
My bidding adieu
Instead of goodbye

The ache in my heart
When you were far away
The endless longing
Counting down each weekday

The way your scent lingered
When no longer there
The way that you'd blush
When I couldn't help but stare

The chills that I got
When you touched my chest
The thrill in my heart
With that magic word yes

The words en fran├žaise
That caressed my ear
That moment apart
That felt like a year

The slumber that took
When my day was too long
The reason I sang
When I heard a love song

A smile on a cherub
Since the day you were born
The way a shoe fits
After getting well-worn

The taste in my mouth
A slight breeze on my skin
An anticipation
Starting to begin

My restlessness
On each hot, summer night
My inspiration
For every insight

Left better than found
Why I feel like I do
That with each passing morning
I'm still reborn anew

Metaphors, colours...
They can't capture your hue;
How could mere words from me
Paint a portrait of you?
Just a short jaunt down memory lane, a nice place to visit, but a strange lack of housing in which to stay :-)
TuFF GHosT Feb 8
be aware of
mister goddess
meet a light where
shadows confess
burn a hole in
chip away the ash
load with spirits who've
been up and down the path

time repeats itself
brush stokes of grey scale
powers unseen agreed upon
flesh and bone are just too frail
if I ever speak black and white
know I
wouldn't make it
through the night
you don't have to
tuck the sheets in so tight

take the key
turn the lock
open your eye
open your eye

so long one a
so long one b
so long one c
so long one d
I didn't know you'd
have to come along with me
all the false philosophies
we're nothing but indoctrinated inductees

tag, you're it
tag, you're it
tag, you're it
TuFF GHosT Jan 25
who i am
is not
who i was,
all the things
i've done
are still
the things
this is most likely subconsciously a paraphrase of some other work
TuFF GHosT Jan 16
The corridor stretched infinitely, it seemed
I ran my fingers along the wall, to stay on track
The darkness hampered my vision
All I could do was keep moving
Shuffling right, left
Right, left
Every step the hopelessness weighed on me
Yet in the distance there was a faint light
As I approached the light, I could make out a flower
Floating a few feet from the ground, a lotus
It spoke to me-

You have traveled in this darkness long enough
I am here to answer your reprieves
I am here to guide you
I am the ultimate truth
I am the ultimate light

You mean, you know the way out of here?

Why would you leave this place, when you have everything you need here? It may not look like it right now, but I can give you everything you dreamed of.

But I'm not from here. I don't belong here.

With my light, I can show you the truth about this place. I will show you that this place belongs to you, for I am the ultimate light. You need nothing else in this place besides me.

I'll just keep going, I need to go home.

You would really walk away from light and knowledge?

How great is your knowledge if it can not take me home? How great is your light, if all you can illuminate is a few feet in front of you, in complete darkness?

Enough! How dar-

A bolt of lightening crashed through the ceiling
Splitting the flower in two
Flames then engulfed it and everything in the hallway
A light filled the entire space, ceiling to floor
Wall to wall
Warped bones and skulls with faces of anguish
Gnarled fingers stretched outward desperately
All fused into the wall
There was nothing left to do
But to step through the flames
And continue onward
Without hesitation
I stepped through
And *****
And pure
I continued my journey back home
Left, right
Left, right
TuFF GHosT Jan 1
Treat me with a new sweet trick
And repeat until I get sick
Start to believe I am in love

All the floating oranges
Reflect off the metal horses
Why do we bow, when he's above

The tapestry was well designed
And hands were chopped off in due time
Then woven over, redesigned
Now let the blind lead the blind

I'll face the moon and count by threes
With fingers crossed under the trees
Night shade feels extra warm to me

You jump through the parallels
And warn, this one goes straight to ****
You would rather stay than be free
Happy New Years, who else secretly hopes that finally those youtube videos, about the world ending, come true?
TuFF GHosT Dec 2018
Baby's crying louder
Oops, ear drum collapsed
Mary held me in her arms
Kept the broken pieces together
I raced to the embassy
They cut off the wifi
A limousine by the curb
Familiar warm lips and cold eyes
My cheap french cuisine
Mary Jo, Mary Jo
Say again?
This time
I want it to be the last time
She asked me: why now,
I don't like to learn new names
To which I replied: most men of renown
Have their hearts sewn with lead
My fair mary jo why should both of us end up-

When I lie on a bed of thorns
I hold my heart, in pieces torn
Reminisce when snow angels
Were of ash and embers
Perfection in just 3 generations

She was addicted to the smell after all
I did not need to speak, her eyes had made the call
It's a warm night for the fall
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