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- 20m
As above so below? **** cuz if so
We’re fuckd cuz down here’s a **** show
- Jun 21
Imma simp for a chick
On a poetry site
Either I’m a dweeb or this chick rules
Maybe both could be right
- Jun 18
Im standing here in one piece
But I’m still broken
Shattered staggered
Really wish I was joking
Mountain on my ribs
It feels like I’m choking
i scream for help
But no words are spoken

Pressure’s building up
Blood boiling heart kettle
If sleep is the cousin of death
Then *****, I’ll settle
Life’s a ride
On a jet ski
If life was a restaurant
I’d be yelling ‘check please’
Openly mockingly joking
Naively patiently hoping
Self medicate doping
eroding ignore the foreboding
- Jun 15
Every time I’ve been high off life
Ive had a bad trip
So I’ll **** and sip
Cope with the ******* how I deem fit
- Apr 2
imma slimeball
who creeps lowkey
misery loves company
so life's never lonely

bushels of free time
i wallow in the mire
waiting for my flesh to expire
i feel so ******* low
but couldn't be higher
i hope this trends so all the other sick ***** can 'like' this.
- Oct 2021
I wish your happiness sets
Like the sun in the western sky
And better yet
Hope you clutch your chest and die

I wish to manifest
Chaos unrest
Burn it all down to ashes
Swept by the wind nothing left
And finally on my last breath

I can smile again
- Jun 2021
Wanna be loved
But I 'll
For being liked

Gimme my
Dopamine spike
Keeping me feeling

What I said
Save it
And pretend
You'll read it again

Tell your friends
I wrote a sad song
Tell em to love me
And sing along
Life has become hollow
When life is holo
I want people to watch
And follow

Rip me
Fibers and strands apart
Leave a hole the size of you
In my heart
Press the buttons
Let your thoughts flow freely
Organized pixels
Texts tease me
But I can never
Reach that itch
Something's just not right
An off tune pitch
Chew me up spit me out
Dirt nap ditch
Take me from a good boy
To a paranoid *****
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