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"I put a little pumpkin spice on top of da blow because 'tis the ****** season"

-John McCain (1971, on vacation in Hanoi)
We set our morals to the sea
Aloof and floating aimlessly
chapped from the ferverrous sun
Rotten mistakes can't be undone
We'd rather wish it all to hell
Than pick it up before it fell
Boy Scout hand shakes, apron ties
Nonsensical cries and replies
Reality roulette
Which one, which one will you get?
One that's cam and mostly mellow?
Or one that's white or brown or yellow?
One that's red or full of rage?
One where you can't see the cage?
One that's filled with deep regret?
Which one, which one will you get?
One where you hold all the cards?
Or one where you're on constant guard?
One where love is all around?
Or one where love is never found?
All these choices for you to see
But which one, which one will it be?
The thing is you actively choose
In every little thing you do
You determine what you get
In the game of reality roulette
Art should be disturbing to the comfortable
A comfort to the disturbed
A shape of two being one
The creator casting one half
The eye of the beholder creates the other
Unified into a single shape with infinite dimensions
Shining like a diamond
The shape of as heart
Windowed soul
Unshuttered and unfettered
A pouring of everything
Filling of empty spaces
The gap between the ribcages
The pain behind the faces
Unmasked, raw, refined, precise, agonizing
Hopeful and despairing
That is what art should be
Art is nothing more than that
Create beauty
//On art//
  Sep 12 Well Behaved Asshole
I sat with my anger long enough,
Until it told me it's real name was grief.
  Sep 10 Well Behaved Asshole
Some say we are created from the big boss in heaven

Others say we just exploded from one big piece of rock

Did it only take him one day or nearly seven

Maybe it took monkeys first to open the human lock

Whatever happened, we all have to survive in this harsh place

Mankind will pray and animals **** prey

Animals can be cute and mankind can't refute

Holy men can preach and scientist can teach

Scientist want real proof and holy men, kneel under one roof

Whatever happens, we all have to respect this harsh place

Young kids are bopping, with no respect for others

Others are always mopping, cleaning up for the young

Society is lost in space, while men in black infiltrate

Black men are being gunned down, as Ferguson starts to gain pace

***** still happening, do we have to die on this harsh place?

We either yearn for a faraway place of paradise with our God

Or we just dissolve in dirt because we didn't earn his nod

Is this the paradise we should all be waiting for and so much more?

Some believe in reincarnation, coming back to this harsh nation

So many times, before they find Nirvana and are released from karma

Is this the paradise we should all be waiting for and so much more?

Others think they will have 72 new girlfriends waiting to see them

Does that mean there wives will also have 72 new gentlemen to please?

Is this the paradise we should all be waiting for and so much more?

No! Just live this life, right here, right now, on this harsh place I call paradise.
  Sep 7 Well Behaved Asshole
my love for him
infused itself into  
the natural melody
of my voice.
I wonder if he noticed.
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