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Amidst the pulchritude angel i found her
Her beaming smiles fade away my sorrow
Her glowing visage keep away my anguish
And her witty saying widen my motion.

In her gentle hands have grown up
Her beauty strike my soul like thunder
Under the shadow of fate I live
But Paradise I feel when with you.

Your love is what have ever felt
Your life is what I desire for
In the ocean of your love I swim
Awelewa my rare spouse.

Awelewa! Love me for who am I
My flaws a daily correction
Till infinity you shall be mine
With you I feel the best.

©®Hassan B.Hassan
African poem:
I feel African in every vein
The land supersede with love
This country is so dear to me.
I feel African in every breath
The obstacles the world plant
None I see, but the jocund Africa.
To all African, there and here
Join me to hold the peace and unity of Africa together
No legs should go without walking ...
Scholar of Africa come join hand
This country you owe a lot
Build up yourself to build peace of Africa!!
Old Africa where are your intelligence?
New Africa where are your wisdom?
Future Africa what is your hope?
My heart duty  calls
You deserved to be loved 'AFRICA '
As I feel African in every vein! ☝️

Reverent bard
This is a work of mine, any duplication of this, will surely account for it

— The End —