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Ivy Dec 2022
I have no home
Or nowhere I belong
What I owe is nothing
Big men in the big chairs try to cheat me
But they won’t break me
Yes, I might cry
But won’t break apart
I won’t give up
I fed up with your lies
I fed up with your ***** games
I fed up with your cold eyes
Yes you might see me through
But you won’t break through
I have no weak spots
Bc I’m here all naked
I’m in front of you
I’ll show you all me weaknesses myself
No need to ask for it
I’m not asking for help
I’m not helpless
I’m like a stray dog
Nobody owes me
And I don’t owe anyone
I’m the biggest enemy of myself
You won’t take the first place
Don’t try to become my best mate either
That place is taken by me
Ivy Dec 2022
Squeaky brakes, no helmet
Pray to your god
Cheat your destiny
Bet on your life
Be unfair
Don’t believe in fairy tales
Those are for the weak people
Don’t be imprisoned lunatic
Morality for the herd
Do what you want
For you only
Trust your gut
Play big
Listen nobody
Trust yourself
Listen your body
You’re the god
And you’re god’s servant
Don’t be a hypocrite
Shout out loud
Your truth
Don’t listen to others
Their truth has nothing to do
With yours
Worship nothing
But life itself
Ivy Aug 2022
Walked in the rain
While you were asleep
Went to buy flowers
Which you never bought for me
Funny but I’m the one
Who’s always buying flowers
And now I’m looking at them
Staying on my table
Flowers which name I don’t even know
And I’m thinking
That we’re quite alike
Me and them
As I feel like a plant in here
Having quite enough for existing
But not really living
Just dreaming of living honestly
While looking through the glass door
At the other plants on my terrace
Which unlike me
Can’t go anywhere from here
And the only thing left
Is to accept their reality
But unlike them
I’m the human
And humans tend to have desires
And I don’t want to put my roots in here
And be like other plants on my terrace
Ivy Mar 2022
My coffee is ordered
Just two minutes - I’m home
Welcoming the new day
My bed is jealous
I was cheating on it last night
Sleeping somewhere else
Sleeping at your place
In your big arms
You told me that I’m so tiny
That can fit in half of your hand
Or something like that you said
I like when you’re saying something like that
I like feeling like I’m your little doll
You can buy me clothes, buy me dresses
All the colors you want
Do what you want with me
I will follow any anywhere
If you treat me right
I might even become one day
Your lovely wife
I’ve given you my yes the other day
When you asked me
Will I marry you
And I didn’t even hesitate
Not for a second
For the first time
I finally knew what I want
Was I expecting it?
Not at that time
But yes
I’m saying yes to you
And to everything
What is about you
And now I’m passin your hometown
The city you haven’t been to
Quite for a while
You don’t even remember
Was it 4 years or 5
For you it doesn’t matter
I like when you’re saying this word
Because of your accent
So funny that now
I’m not even paying attention
To it
And it’s not important
As what language we speak
Where we both are
Where we’re from
Not important it all
I’m often forgetting
It’s so meditating
When you’re going by train
All these noises and rocking
Making me feel like me again
Ivy Mar 2022
What makes you happy?
A cup of coffee in the morning
New printed book
A kiss of sunlight in the noon
A kiss of loved one on your cheek
His grin and look of his black eyes
What makes you happy?
Live in a moment
Forget your past
Don’t let the consequences last
No more
Go further
Go explore
Go learn about the life
One day you’ll truly be
A happy human being
Ivy Mar 2022
The pigeons ******* on the tree
I’m watching them from balcony
There’s no room for intimacy
In a wild nature
So many witnesses of love making
It is no subject for the shame
And what the humans calling lust
For them is only their wild nature
Ivy Mar 2022
This guy was looking at me
With his mouth wide opened
He’s never seen girl’s legs before naked I guess
Not in a real life
What a lucky man he is today
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