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Ivy Sep 30
Who am I?
Am I this?
Or am I that?
Or am I nothing at all?
Ivy Aug 20
I feel really bad
And I don’t know
What to do
And I mean it
Nothing is meaningful
I feel like
Every minute
I can disappear
Just dissolve in the air
I’m telling you
Watch me fading
My mind is blurry
I wish I could have
Some control
I wish I could handle
This overwhelming ****
I’m melting in space
I’m merging with objects
God I hate this anxiety
Which attacks me at night
When you’re away
And it seems like
I’m in that movie
About the sin city
And everything’s wicked
I panick
Cold sweat
All over my body
Ivy Aug 13
Split on tho halfs
On behalf
Of the ******* Lord
******* it
I fall in love
With the fallen angel
Of my sacred dreams
I praise you
I adore you
I’m away from you
Probably forever
Who cares?
Knock knock
Who’s there?
No one
You’re not here
And I’ve become
Ivy Aug 5
I’m so afraid to forget you
Like I’ll loose everything
Like I’ll loose your love
Like I’ll loose any hope
Like I’ll loose the sense of home
Like I’ll give up on something sacred
Like I’ll become completely cynical
Like there’s gonna be no way back
Ivy Aug 4
I will wait for you
Doesn’t matter how long
Should I wait
I will wait for you
Even if you don’t bring me
Any flowers
I will wait for you
Even if it’s very cold outside
I will wait for you
Even if everyone will say
Not to wait for you
I will still wait for you
Because you are worth waiting
Ivy Aug 4
I’m disabled
You knocked me out
When you left
I gave you so much
But I’m ready to give you
Even more
If you want me to
I wish that
You want me to
I don’t care
About the food
I’m eating
I don’t care
About the news
I don’t care
About the beauty
Of the sunset
If I’m not meeting it
With you
Without you
Colors lost their brightness
And all what mattered
Lost it sense
But did I loose
The hope
To see you soon?
Ivy Aug 4
You’re thinking I’m crazy
Yeah, I’m definitely mad
And definitely in love with you
My baby
I’m in love with life
In love with myself
And my body too
Like I fully accept it
Thinking about nothing
But you
Having childish hopes
Spinning in my head
Don’t **** the romance
Let it grow
In something bigger
I wish we could
Be together
For real
Not only
In my head
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