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Before today, I’d never bite the cigarette
You dangled in front of my lips;
But the smoke is the scent of ‘regret’
All over you and our relationship.
The smoke is dense, greying with each puff;
It is poisonous and carcinogenic.
I’ll accept your tease today
Because perhaps our memories with each other will fade away
As the smoke does once it is inhaled and released,
Lifted with the winds.
Swallow is a goof.
Why do you fly like that, bird?
You will harm yourself...
The skies lose their sunshine when he leaves.
The summer air transforms into the harshest autumn breeze.
And it’s cruel.
A phantom rains on our picnic cloth beside the bleeding trees.
And it’s cruel;
The crunched up flowers soak in the puddle swimming pool,
While I stir my cups of bitter teas.
To let him go, one is to be a fool—
So here I sit, crowned by all the shedding leaves,
With scars from remembering him under the bleeding trees—
Caught in the harshest autumn breeze.
I’ve written so much weird and abstract poetry lately that I don’t think is appropriate to share but here’s something safe. Do people even use this website anymore?
I miss, and only miss...
My thin chapped lips shall never kiss.
Two years have passed;
Depression swallowed my bliss.
It ate my love to you,
And the good old past I reminisced.

I miss, and only miss...
Empty heart shattered in night’s hiss.
Two years, internally harassed;
Demons work my soul at last!
Darling—save me from the absence of your kiss.
Bruh, I’m so committed to this collection.
In the land of shadow,
Where the walls are always grim,
And a candle’s golden flame
Is destined to be dim,
Lie many pilgrim shadows,
Who searched in name of sin
For Edgar’s Eldorado
Where darkness roams within.
idk something in my poetry journal
What’s so good about the stars?
Like humans, they live and die.

But at least the burnt-out stars
Look better than the bones of our dead;

The dead who claim to ‘die for us’,
And rise again just like the sun.

Galaxies expand all the time,
And so I hope our minds.

Call the black holes in our space,
The sockets in our eyes.
Not even a poem, ngl.
Hi, I haven’t been on here in a while...
“Come to me, my teddy bear,”
Said the big bad greying wolf.
And I took my steps with lots of care,
Preparing to be engulfed.

He gestured me towards the park,
Where the trees were bony figures,
And I looked like the branches in the dark,
As they were practically disfigured.

I pouted my tiny teddy face,
Pounding my plushy feet.
But if I were to start a sudden chase,
Wolfie would use me as meat.

Taking my arm, he drew me near;
He hated the sight of my pout.
And he harshly whispered into my ear,
“Teddy bear, make me real proud.”

He wanted to play a simple game
Where I’d use my softest kisses.
And he, in return, would grant me no pain—
As long as I was his misses.

“Teddy bear, listen; I’ll be so kind
If you agree to pet me.
Or I shall snap and leave here well-dined
With you in my growling belly.”

“Wolfie, dear, listen;
I shall stroke your greying tail.
Show me your teeth; see how they glisten,
And are white like falling hail?”

We played outside all day and night,
And Wolfie liked my style.
Still I never put up a fight
Because both of us wore a smile.

I liked the game and it was fun,
But Wolfie was addicted.
We lasted till his stomach spun—
Playing this game that was so twisted.

Watching the woods, those trees were close,
But no creatures were around.
No meowing, no barking, no chirping of crows...
Other than us, there were no sounds.

Strangely, I felt my teddy heart bleed
For the one who almost ate me.
I guess love was my truest defeat—
Not his claws and growling belly.

“I know you promised to let me go,
But what if I were to stay?
Wolfie, there’s so much I have show,
And forever this love game we’ll play.”

“I think you’re troubled, my little bear,
But forever playing is what I crave.
You’re so cute and pretty—on this I swear,
And for once a teddy is small and so brave.”

“Cuddle me, love me, hug me so well;
Wolfie, don’t be so afraid.
I know we’ll both burn in a hell—”
“Forgive me lord,” he prayed.

He gazed at me and I at him.
We laughed at sight of our faces.
And though he was big and I was so slim,
I had hope our love would be painless.

The first time we played, he kept me safe,
So this wolf I truly trusted.
Though at first he was rough, his sins I forgave,
And our love went on interrupted.
I didn’t know how to end this poem.
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