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I wake up every day,
Sunken into a miserable life
I weep over my sorrowful fate
Light shines upon me,
But instead of hope,
I live life like I'm a bare shadow
Living so pointlessly
I can't be sure if I'm me anymore
I was born sadistic in this world
But the world is slightly sadistic than me
Richard Frank Jan 29
As the sun navigates the sky
Ages will pass and time will come by
When the stars were shining, I was growing up
Responsibilities had settled in
And before I knew it,
I forgot about the stars
Richard Frank Jan 23
Her smile had changed strangely
Hey eyes filled with apathy
It’s like she’s found someone else better than me
I remember when I first met her, warmth filled my soul
But in the midst of this bustling summer night sky
Never in my life, night has ever felt this cold
If only, I should’ve known sooner, I wouldn’t have to cry
I shouldn't have set you free and be happy with someone
If only I knew sooner, I wouldn't love in the first place
Richard Frank Jan 20
They peek through the night
Dreams scattered across the sky
In form of a star
Richard Frank Jan 20
Reincarnation so good might it seemed
People outlived their old lives
They rejoice to relish their thousand lives
But they are not bound to suspect the greatest thing
To live only one life to love you
Richard Frank Jan 19
Yesterday, it was raining and there was love
Rain sprinkled across the sky
Pouring against your lovely existence
It was love at first sight, the feeling was no any other

After some time the rain grew stronger
But sight seemed to have changed
Love didn't seem to reach like it didn't matter
Today, it was raining, but there was no love
Richard Frank Jan 19
In this world full of strange men
Their weary eyes clouded with grief
It windows through their empty souls
As they their sorrowful soul seek light outside
But they cannot find the light in me,
For me, myself were finding light in this dark place
Wearing their deceitful smiles, it hung across their faces
In this world full of strange men
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