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C Me Dec 2015
Sometimes we hold on to those we love so tight we crush them. Like wild flowers we need to let them grow and flourish in order to enjoy their full beauty.
C Me Dec 2015
Underplayed or overrated?
In perfect time with his ******, her wanton hips  gyrated.
Baring tooth and nail,
Like hungry wolves they feed.
Each the same agenda;
To satisfy their primal need.
He pulls her hair and bites her shoulder,
Binding wrists with which to  hold her.
She offers up her body and soul,
Without a word begs him to take her whole.
With quickened breath and sweat on skin,
Need like no other rushing in.
As if their lust, till now
reserved on ration,
Unleashed to satisfy
..... a moment's greedy passion!
Feedback and title suggestions welcome
C Me Dec 2015
'Look at Me', so self absorbed in outward looks and latest fashion.
With disregard for inner peace, selfless thought, and kind compassion.
Piercing ears, with holes so big they look like they're starting to melt.
Trousers about our knees; showing off pants, clearly in need of a belt.

Cheap plastic toys bought without thought, of which so quickly we tire,
Relationship failing to last without love and once all consuming desire.
Throw away gadgets and electronic connections, with all  life's worth we trust.
But when they are broken, will never be fixed; just casually tossed, left to rot, and rust.

Mealtime no longer a social or family affair, at a table with fork and knife,
Check-in's a must so 'friends' will know that you're having a really great life .
No prints of family or holiday snaps and childhood memories that last,
It's all about selfies, and sharing on line with 'friends' that human connection bypassed.
C Me Sep 2014
Eating up books,
Chewing up lines,
No purpose or reason
Just passing of time.
A moment of quiet,
And clarity of mind,
For some unknown reason
The words start to  rhyme.

Readers forgive me
if it seems absurd;
if it looks unfinished
Or missing a word.
There’s really no telling
How ideas will start,
In moments of sadness
Or matters of heart.

Sometime a soul saver
In trials of stress,
When balance of mind
Seeks sated redress.
Tuning out life,
The kids and TV,
For a few simple words
And a mind flowing free.

Awakened at night,
When sleep is no rest,
Is often I  find
When I do it the best.
Or when no one is home,
With a nice cup of tea,
A few stolen moments ….
My pen and me.
C Me Sep 2014
Your magic touch,
the things you say,
they make me smile
in every way.
When I feel troubled
and start to fear,
you hold my hand
and pull me near.
You paint a smile
upon my face,
soothe my soul
with your embrace.
You make me laugh;
Sometimes cry.

I feel you know me,
I’m not sure why.

A perfect pair
I think we make.
Each we give,
but not to take.
A familiar warmth
with you I feel.
and long to know
if it’s for real.
I feel so special,
so at ease.
Spending time with you
is just a breeze.
There’s no effort
or need to try.

I feel I know you.
I’m not sure why.

Unspoken words
We know are there
Not yet ready
To be shared.
Let’s stick around
A little more,
find the key,
to the open door.
Take a chance
and wander in.
Is this the start,
where ‘we’ begin?
Time will tell
who we will be ……

when I know you,
and you know me.
C Me Sep 2014
Slap my ***
Smack my ***
A naughty child’s behaviour done

Slap my ***
Bite my ***
A cheeky move that’s just in fun

Slap my ***
Spank my ***
Intense passion as you feel me ***
C Me Sep 2014
Sorrow weighing heavy
Pain is running deep
Through my broken veins
and aching heart it seeps
The tears they overwhelm me
Like hands about my throat
Can’t vocalize this feeling
A scream the only note

I cannot feel the sunlight
Cold chills me to the core
Paralyzed in darkness
Cowering on the stone hard floor
Life is all but spent
My strength is fading fast
A world away from fancy dreams
and the love I yearned to last

I wonder if he’s happy
Getting high on life
Knowing I can’t be there
Another twisting knife
Don’t want to taste the tears
I try hard to swallow down
Grieving thoughts consume me
I fear I’m going to drown
Still not sure of the title. Feedback welcome.

— The End —