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Ismael Ramos Sep 18
Cook me some scrambled eggs for breakfast
Because I need my vitamins and protein
And also because I’m scrambling for an identity.
Showing up to class,  I’m exhausted
Write me an essay about “blah blah blah”
Well why don’t I write you an essay about
How much I care , absolute zero
Just like my will to live.
I seem arrogant , but I’m the small spec of society that also is.
I wake up and repeat the cycle.
Ismael Ramos Sep 18
My heart aches.
There’s no cars outside when it’s night
But my mind is full of traffic
I’m at the intersection what way do I take?
Take the highway to my soul
But there’s nothing but a black hole
There’s a dead end to my brain
It’s no use we must turn around
The only was we know is the road to my heart
The road is lit up, like a suburb city
But where there’s light there’s darkness.
There’s fear
There’s sadness
There’s regret
My heart aches.
Ismael Ramos Sep 16
Denim blue jacket
Fits that smile
Makes your perfect style
Straight long black hair
Rich smooth Chicana complexion
All makes me curious
What are these words I can’t speak?
Anxious, the river is rapid
But I still remain static
Your wandering eyes and I wonder
If you notice me
You however can talk
And you talked to me but
Is it part of a routine?
“What you get on the quiz?”
You one upped me on both
My mouth won’t work
I turn to my fingers
And my device
I found you online
I requested to follow
Rejected and in the end it seems
You want nothing to do with me.
Ismael Ramos Sep 14
Life is a sad mellow guitar beat
Tune in your emotions
Or you’ll lose yourself in the song
I am the conductor
Who is trying
To live and not suffer
Show love <3
Ismael Ramos Sep 13
Nightfall never looked so good
The soul radiating with sentiments unknown
The unknown has the troubled man in tears
All of a sudden the moon comes crashing down and down.

— The End —