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  Jul 12 Isabine
Ciel Noir
for you I would do anything

the others can think what they want
I don't care

if I wrote this for them they would
like it more

but I don't want a dozen hearts
I want yours
  Jul 12 Isabine
callie joseph
black and bold
worms that flash from my eyes
and run down my boiling
cheeks and raw throat
to keep the roaring tempest in
i say something
whipping off my tongue
that i will regret
  Jul 10 Isabine
I have heard the better word
that defined
my lack of pride
beyond the line
I've drawn upon
to elevate the livid lies
that I was braver,
when I was not

And they pointed
at the arrow sign
To my neverland
'far fetched' above
my knees gave out
and I succumbed
to the scrutiny
of many eyes
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