I give up my humanity,
With each heart beat, defeat.
Each time I draw breath, death.
Morals left on the pew.

I'm more than rules,
More than the age of trust,
More than kings and fools,
Nothing more than dust.
Isaac Ward Mar 12
I'm sorry I'm not the me you always wanted me to be,
I'm sorry I couldn't stop the earth from spinning-
Couldn't dry the sea,
So when I flee back to be the person I was when we were you and me,
I'll leave you to see the empty me and set me free.
Isaac Ward Mar 5
I can't write-
When my wrists are cut,
And I can't guide you-
When I hold my eyes shut,
I'm sorry if-
I disappointed you,
But I can't do this-
I'm black and blue.
Isaac Ward Feb 25
I want to write,
     But I can't feel the rhythm,
          This isn't right,
   Cause this isn't living.
Isaac Ward Feb 24
None of my friends
     Wanna talk to me,
So I'm just leaning
     On this balcony,
And I'm sheilding my eyes
     From the bright city,
None of my friends
     Ever talk to me,

Man, that sidewalk,
Lined in chalk,
Another dead body-
Cause they couldn't talk,
And another crying family,
And their world, rocked,
Another empty bed-
And a door, locked,
Their son, mocked,
His clock, stopped,

None of your friends
     Wanna talk to you,
So you're just looking
     Out this window, too,
And you're counting your tears
     While you're feeling blue,
None of your friends
     Wanna talk to you.
Isaac Ward Feb 23
I hurt,
And on a scale of-
One to Ten,
Its an Eight.

I scream-
In my head,
Yet breath could wait.

I cry,
Please notice me,
Please comfort me,
Pain held in hand,

I hide,
The stones-
And the sticks,
As life demands,

I exhale,
Another day,
No-one can know,
What I contemplate.
If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please seek help.

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Isaac Ward Feb 22
We're still friends,
     Well, not really,
But we talk,
     Well, not exactly,

I text "Hi",
And you ask how I am,
But you don't care,
So I lie,

Or maybe,
     Maybe you do care,
But I can't see-
     Why anyone would,

So I say "Hi",
And lie,
And we don't talk,
When we talk.
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