Isaac Ward Sep 7
Me and my Titan,
We fightin' like lightning,
With a crashing of thunder-
This shit gets exciting,
Not a second to slow down,
Hesitation is a killer,
My Titan is falling,
Look up at the pillar-

Of smoke, trailing down from the sky,
My Titan might land on your heads,
My Titan wants you to die,
My Titan needs to be fed,

And I am his pilot,
Flying the fastest,
Surf on my ass, bitch,
Across that map quick,
Swift with the S.M.G.,
Or bring the E.P.G.,
You'll need an E.K.G.,
Dead? Read your eulogy,

"He started a fight that he couldn't win",
And that's the truth no need for the spin,
So cry to your gods, this fight is simplistic,
My Titans are here to take back Mount Olympus.
Isaac Ward Aug 1
One dime, two,
I count coins,

I don't want them to know,
I'm buying lunch with change.
Isaac Ward Jul 31
Love is a flaw;
It hurts,
Red and raw;
A hand in the fire,

You can't just live-
You've got another to consider,
Your choices-
Are now ours,

You can't just die.
You breathe in,
They breathe out.
Yet I wonder, why?
Isaac Ward Jul 29
I'm praying to the moon,
But I'm all alone.
I'm searching for a friend,
But I'm far from home.
I'm questing for a purpose,
But it's what we make.
I'm running towards death,
But my life is fake.
Isaac Ward Jul 15
I haven't wrote anything original in a while,
(They don't like your rhymes,
They don't like your style)

I can't write with a heart I don't possess,
(They cut open your chest,
You were too obsessed)
Isaac Ward Jul 15
She doesn't like it-
When I buy her meals,
She wants to pay for me instead.

And she doesn't know-
That my every thought,
Is her running through my head.

She makes me weak-
When she hugs me tight,
Hannah, baby, I'll always love you,
Every day, every night.

She is my princess,
My darling love-
The blood in my veins,

She is my mirror,
My armor, shield,
She keeps away the pain.

She makes me strong,
When she stands beside,
Hannah, baby, I'll hold you up,  too,
Against the coming tide.
Isaac Ward Jul 4
My father:
He died when I was in fourth grade,
And all I remember is his tattoo;
Actually, just the fact that he had one.

And the pie he baked-
He forgot the sugar, so the pumpkin was bitter.

And the treehouse he built,
How we would camp there, cramped and cold.

And the roast he cooked,
He used black pepper like a vegetable.

He wasn't perfect, but he was my father,
And his memory weighs on me like ink,
But I can't remember what his ink was-
Just that he had some.
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