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Inverted Soul Dec 2019
As I take it to the limit
just this last time
the harder it gets
the higher I climb
to advance to new boundaries
to see what may come
to unravel my conscience
become spiritually undone
feeling unwell
as my mind astrays
it's been to much fun
just counting the days
I go for a walk
my mind on a leash
further I go
so far out of reach
my fate is made up
forever it stays
forget who i am
It just sounds so cliche....
Inverted Soul Dec 2019
I Must be disturbed
just to say I'm OK
so soiled and worn
it's still yesterday
fell through the cracks
the weathers the same
as I tour the horror
I burst into flames
haunting and chilling
hollow and shamed
to thrive in the dark
is to hard to explain
I won't tell you my secret
the rest is unnamed
to much to spill out
so hard to contain
this manic and rage
that is so hard to tame
to live with myself
with the hurt and the pain....
Inverted Soul Dec 2019
This life that I live
seems like forever i breathe
why won't it stop
I am seeking some relief
the burden that's inside
it festers, it seethes
in agony I suffer
minds begin to bleed
as I stage to motion on
hope has become so bruised
to stay in life to live
I am waiting so confused
wanting not to wake up again
or to sing to life's tune
I hope all of this stops
and I hope that it's real soon
why am I still here?
begin to tighten the noose
plastic bag over head
so the failures  reduced
to get the task done
I rush to lock the room
when my fate awaits
I call it  my doom...
Inverted Soul Nov 2019
I am torn between what to do
but i know that
I'm through with you
this Hate breeds within
It's hard to subdue
why can't you bleed
a different hue
your in my way
why won't you move?
I've grow so tired
and there is no excuse
I've gone away
before you withdrew
I left long ago
and I thought you knew...
Inverted Soul Nov 2019
"Life is like biting into the ripest peach,
Only to realize,
Your just chewing on dog ****."
Inverted Soul Nov 2019
Me, I am happy with who I am as a core person, it just seems not being able to connect with people hinders relationships in my life. My self esteem is really low, but I wouldn't want to be anyone other than myself. I ******* crack myself up with the thoughts that roll through my head. lol. Self acceptance seems just to hard to grasp as a whole. I like me, but i hate my life. Seems ******* redundant to me. There does not seem to be any middle ground, one extreme to the next. While living in the gray ******* area of life. Blood spilling out of my pores, while i sit lying to waste in my own shadow. Hope you had a good day. Mine is just plain okay.
Inverted Soul Nov 2019
Divided within with
spells and rage
thoughts become useless
their all the same
mental and ******
so calm I remain
it's easy to hate
when identities relate
inside myself
the hostility invades
I clash with myself
endure the pain
combat the hatred
just to sustain
the conflict goes on
it won't go away
I live with this contest
it seems everyday......
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