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4d · 31
I don’t get lonely
Or, if this is loneliness,
I much prefer it
6d · 3
“Like one who on a lonesome road,
Doth walk in fear and dread,
And, having once turned round, walks on, and turns no more his head,
Because he knows a frightful fiend,
Doth close behind him tread.“

-“The Rime of The Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Coleridge
I really love the romantics and the classics
Jan 12 · 24
Nolan Willett Jan 12
My sons chase the stars, to devour them whole;
But I am restless, imprisoned, lonely in my cage,
Desperate despots who sought to control
Me and halt a foretold rage.

But it was them who put me here
For their ruin to abate.
Little did they think their fear
Would their horror create.

O, you who cared for me,
Raised me, and gave me food to eat,
Why did it have to be
That you took part in their deceit?

They bound me, but you broke my heart
And now I’m the very thing they did appoint;
If you want me to rip the world apart,
Then I shall not disappoint.
Jan 8 · 80
A name follows you-
Even when you’re made anew.
Neither can you leave your face,
Or entirely forget your birthplace;
We must have done some misdeed,
In a past life, indeed,
Because we’re of a lower caste,
Doomed iconoclasts,
Fighting for nothing,
And eternally suffering.
And when we’ve had enough of it,
Enough of being misfits,
When we realize it was designed this way,
And that there is no “someday”,
Then we’ll venture six feet underground,
To tear a heaven down.
Dec 2020 · 107
Nolan Willett Dec 2020
It feels as though something has ended,
Philanthropy has been expended,
People are left to their own devices
To sink into their own vices.
It’s not right, that we’ve lost our care
For how our fellow man fare;
Blind to one another’s pains
And entropy is left to hold the reigns.
What we lost, can we ever find
When we ourselves are so supine?
Nevermind we’re all one soul
That together form a reconciled whole,
Different branches of a single tree
Limbs that emblematize you and me;
And when we leave the poor out in the cold,
Forget and ridicule the old,
Renounce our secular vows,
We’re just splitting off another bough.
Nov 2020 · 85
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
I love the words that I read here
The ones that you leave spoken,
Your hopes and loves, doubts and fears,
The thoughts you write upon being awoken

Offering perspective,
Through a page, to see your reality,
Concocts a connection:
The power of empathy

Old, young, the chained and the free,
And especially the pariahs,
Whose words read to me
Like a personal Messiah’s

I read them from my bed,
Words of comfort, words of woe,
I suppose I could just leave it unsaid,
But I wanted to say hello.
Nov 2020 · 163
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
Just one, red rose,
Red lips, cute nose,
A smile, bright eyes,
An hour, time flies,
Dancing, the rain,
Car drive, fast lane,
Forget, the time,
Useless, bad rhymes,
A drink, or two-
No, never that few-
The future, the past,
The outcasts, outlast.
Nov 2020 · 251
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
When others look into my eyes
They see a thing to despise
I do not know what they see,
I wish they would just see me
Nov 2020 · 69
The Crucible
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
Take it as a compliment
Branded heretical.
Bring on the pyre,
And set it afire;
When they resort to
You’ll know you have the right
Nov 2020 · 177
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
“Perhaps one did not wish to be loved,
So much as understood.”
I’ve never fully understood anyone,
I doubt they’ll understand me,
And that’s ok,
It might just not be meant to be.
Nov 2020 · 222
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
It’s when, to follow your dreams,
You give up everything,
And you, piece by piece, are consumed
‘Till you’re living in a nightmare
Nov 2020 · 101
Tuatha Dé Danann
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
In their beauty, an unparalleled race
From a higher, supernatural place,
Driven to hidden, underground refuge
When mans’ cynical wars the earth deluged-
Leaving only the slightest, unclear trace.

They knew no pain, nor any suffering
And the world is darker from their leaving
And we are left to pick up the pieces,
While our own ambivalence increases,
Seeking to find a singular meaning.

You may call it naive wish fulfillment,
But I will search for reconcilement.
I will upturn the soil and the roots,
Until I may procure some lasting truce
Make amends for Ill-judged revilement

And then mankind again will have a guide
Some holy beings to gift us back our pride
What a dream, to again have dignity
To direct our kind to benignity
So we may be pulled back from the wayside

It’s all very romantic, isn’t it?
That some saviors will see us fit.
It takes the blame off us,
Makes our apathy superfluous,
Proves we are not hypocrites.

But maybe we should fix our own mistakes,
Go outside and clean our own ******* lakes,
Stop hiding behind flowery language and care
Waiting for a savior when they are rare,
Before our zeal irreversibly breaks.
Nov 2020 · 44
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
When you've come so far
And you're still not who you are
That's the hardest part
Nov 2020 · 38
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
Never get too close to anyone
For awhile it’s almost fun
You may be even glimpse the sun
But inevitably it’s always over
All you’ll find is two leaf clovers
With death, a goodbye, or just an arbitrary day
People always go away.
Sink back into your pit
Consumed by manic fits
That you love too much to let go,
It’s how you cope with woe.
They are not meek
Certainly not weak
Wise beyond years
They forgo future tears
They’ve found, having been hurled-
Innumerable times from a great height-
They just prefer the underworld.
Persephone underworld away sun manic woe Persephone
Nov 2020 · 116
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
A smaller God
Held in the palm of your hand
That will dissolve in you
And you with it
Nov 2020 · 181
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
I have learned how to smile through the rain
How to glimpse all the bright lights in the dark
You cannot be harmed when you love the pain
And you yearn for more which to embark
I feel the cold winds again start to blow
The sun hides and I can see my own breath
Freezing, blinded, and not from all the snow
But I no longer fear impending death
However tomorrow, or next year goes
I will not be content to hide my face
In spite of everything, my passion grows
And I will never give up on the grace
Seasons change, cold does not last forever
There’s no such thing as worthless endeavors
Oct 2020 · 153
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
A sofa for a family of four
A van out in the wild
A punk band on tour
Or eternally exiled.

Everyone has a place,
Or a kind of mission.
Whether they choose to run the race
Or live in defiant sedition

Is there a place for our song?
Somewhere within our purview?
Will I find where I belong,
And will it be with you?
Oct 2020 · 96
Lost and Found
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
We live in a world of lost and found
Get lost so we can be found again
And then retreat back underground
Until the process ends
Oct 2020 · 767
Costume party
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
Baby, I’ll be your Dracula,
You know all I need is your heart.
You be the wicked witch,
All you will need is a hooked nose,
‘Cause you already cast your spell on me!
Oct 2020 · 154
The House That Never Ends
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
Tallies on the wall.  
Doors that rearrange,  
In strange, entropic ways.
That dissemble and confuse  
To keep two locked in the halls;
The lights flicker, periodically-
They spot shadows on their peripheral-
Likewise in intervals.
They seem to speak,
But only mockingly.
They did not choose this fate;
The house chose them.
Some must be condemned-
Like Minos and the Minotaur-
For a terrible hunger to abate.
Another tally in the frame.
They’ve been this way earlier,
Though their recollection’s getting murkier,
While hands reach from plaster,
Reaching to claim.
They must learn to love the maze
The freedom in being confined;
At least their goal is defined-
After all, once you enter, you may never leave,
And are doomed to tread the lengthways.

Outside cars pass and children play pretend
By a for sale home overgrown,
Inconspicuous, yet locally it is well-known:
You never get too close
To the house that never ends.
Oct 2020 · 243
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
Take a breath, we are free,
Shut our eyes, and now we see,
Forget what’s right, forget what’s wrong,
And now we dance, to an inaudible song
Oct 2020 · 92
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
Broken seven seals
You will never know what’s real
Spurning the surreal
Oct 2020 · 178
Love Song For the Neurotic
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
You and I, we always ran
To lounge on pearlescent grains of sand,
To stare at all the passerby,
Who in turn scorn you and I.

On our corner, we held up our signs
To warn of coming end times,
Soon to come for all of us
Perceived as superfluous.

We made up our own gods,
To even up the odds,
That we were stacked against
Being so incensed;

If you’re a light, then I’m a fuse
Depend on you for my abuse.
Push each other to our best-
Or our worst, **** all the rest.

Are you sick of it all yet?
Sick of all the cigarettes,
Sick of chasing little stars,
Of drowning in our little bars?

Are we losing it, our integrity?
Have we replaced sincerity?
Do we lie and stare at the skies
To think only of loss and lies?

I still recall that line you said
“To live we must forget the dead.”
I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your hope,
You and your little rope.

You’ll never be on the inside,
You were born to abide-
Some inherit repose,
We’re not them, and so it goes.

We have each other, though we fight and shout-
Love and hate, forget and blackout.
Inflict wounds that’ll never mend,
Wake up and do it all again.
Sep 2020 · 158
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
You say you hate the human race
I say you have a lovely face
You think you’ll never reach the place
I think that you would miss the chase
So I unlace
And you embrace
And with the world we keep pace
‘Til the day we disappear
And leave without a trace
Sep 2020 · 122
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
A dream half dreamed is
A life half lived
Sep 2020 · 232
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
“Why do you daydream
All your waking time away?”
You have nerve to ask.
Sep 2020 · 100
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
There’ll be another day
When the night is through
A time to get away
A chance to start anew

There will be another year
When the year ends
To reappear
And make amends

And when the world is dust
Swallowed by the sun
Apathetic atoms will not fuss
Over the fact that we are gone

‘Cause one day the Universe will die
Everything will become undone
But human experience imply
There’ll be another one
Sep 2020 · 227
Nolan Willett Sep 2020
A simple solution
To all the world’s problems-
Have you tried turning it
Off and on again?
Aug 2020 · 76
Nolan Willett Aug 2020
It’s hard to be here
And to be sincere
When you run on caffeine
And fear
But it’s easy to be coarse
To stay indoors
When you see the whole world through
The filter of remorse
Aug 2020 · 95
Eucatastrophe, Ironized
Nolan Willett Aug 2020
Poised to succeed
In all of your dreams
You have the support
And the means
Endured a painful trek
Metamorphosed from a disdainful wreck
But you’d rather be something else
Than a large paycheck
All the agonies
Pursued through wistful blasphemies
Have led to naught
But a sorrowful eucatastrophe
Because you have bills due
Things to live up to
It’s wishful thinking
Wanting to paint the skies blue.
Jul 2020 · 111
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Truth, what a grand prize,
Truthfully, I think truth is lies.
But I wear a stark disguise
Of being mesmerized, hypnotized
By all that people idolize,
of what the righteous advertise;
But truly I’m demoralized, unsocialized,
Thoughts practically mechanized,
Belief has been excised,
potential unrealized,
And my spirit’s been vaporized.
One benefit to being ostracized:
At least I can’t be radicalized.
Jul 2020 · 180
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Magic is real,
It is not what most expect-
A two-bit card trick, vanishing act-
But everything we feel,
Everything that has an effect.
You don’t need prayer
Or spells to cope,
Just an unbowed mind,
A little flair,
And the illusion of hope
Jul 2020 · 45
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
I’ve always been an all-or-nothing
Kind of guy:
Give me everything, or I want nothing,
Triumph, or don’t even try.
I never could quite surmise
The point of compromise.
If I could not win, I would rather lose
Without being handed a consolation prize.

I realize now the nuance of it all:
Nothing’s black or white,
Short or tall,
Wrong or right,
There’s more than one kind of fight,
And the blind sometimes have more sight,
The middle road’s sometimes the best one,
And always the least contrite.
Jul 2020 · 131
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Someday I’ll have a desk, with a scenic view
In nature, where modernity I can eschew.
I’ll write stories, some might even be true;
And I’ll be free, do always what I choose to:
Escape this wretched trap that benefits the few,
Finally be content, not always so blue.
If this sounds appealing, I hope you find it too.
Jul 2020 · 172
Banality #3
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Reminisce, sweet bliss:
The lasting worth of
A summer night’s kiss.
Jul 2020 · 10
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Rumination is
**** your brain
And let your actions think for you
Jul 2020 · 208
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Ask yourself why you doubt,
Why you fear and cast about.
You are heading the right way,
Who cares what others say?
You have no concerns to allay.

What will be will be,
All wisdoms do agree;
Like a lion and a roar,
A soldier in a war,
You will do what you are made for.

“I am not afraid; I was born to do this”,
Your actions are not remiss,
Nor for nothing,
But for everything:
A singular meaning.

Write, and do it well,
And love until your death knell.
Mind your well-being,
Bitterness is unbecoming,
The world is on the upswing.
Jul 2020 · 76
Banality #2
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Everything happens for a reason,
Reasons are plentiful
Jul 2020 · 368
Blood VS Water
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
Blood is thicker than water,
But blood dries and crusts up and stains
And inevitably turns a dull brown,
While water flows forever
And wipes the stains away,
And when it dries it’s only a matter of time
Until it rains again!
Jul 2020 · 181
Banality #1
Nolan Willett Jul 2020
If we could see our destinations,
We would not trouble ourselves with the journey.
Jun 2020 · 12
Nolan Willett Jun 2020
If life is just a dream
Who dreams the dreamer?
And on and on and on and on?
Jun 2020 · 82
life, liberty
Nolan Willett Jun 2020
I love America
But sometimes I hate the U.S.A.
How do you spin,
Blocking airways?
Two party system;Our United States,
Couldn’t give better delegates?
And I despise all of the
Idol Worship,
Trickle-down culture,
Your distractions, weapons. Change;
not an endless hunt for newer things.
When Patriotism Trumps
Common Sense,
And we Masquerade our Liberty
Confined in an invisible pillory,
And you accrue,
While we make do,
At this point, if you are asking me,
Then yes, I would prefer shared misery
To your “equal opportunity.”
“Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth, like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few!”
May 2020 · 68
Nolan Willett May 2020
Welcoming arms
Holding you at arm’s length.
May 2020 · 104
Nolan Willett May 2020
Like the muscles in our fists, and in our legs,
The heart too needs to be torn apart
Again and again
So that it may rebuild itself
Stronger than the day it was before,
And like how we can lift more with our arms,
And run more with our legs,
What hurt us the day before,
Suddenly has no effect
In our heart
May 2020 · 237
Nolan Willett May 2020
Truth is found when one can
Reconcile the irreconcilable
That’s why it’s so elusive
And Illusive
Because you can’t,not completely,
At least not humanity,
Paradoxes obscure, but also vindicate,
The all
And everything.
And creation is a scientist
And we are its Petri dish,
And creation is a mystic,
And we are its parish.
Science the soul
May 2020 · 129
Nolan Willett May 2020
How terribly dull it must be
Relating exclusively with fact
Where everything is a known quantity,
Is your sense of wonder even intact?
Or did you leave that behind too,
With everything interesting about you?
Apr 2020 · 108
Pre Modern
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
I do not feel a desire to rhyme
Nor work within any sort of structure
Traditions are a waste of all our time
And who needs iambic pentameter?
Can we escape convention
Apr 2020 · 112
Art,On Hold
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
I keep a notebook,
For when I have ideas,
Someday I’ll write them.
Apr 2020 · 109
Part-time sXe
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
Because we thought inebriation
Aided an understanding
Of metaphysical creation,
And dulled our wistful longings
That could never be fulfilled:

We turned to tablets and things distilled.

But we are poets
We see things clearly;
The only essential is artistic focus-
To distort reality;
If my body is a temple,
Then my brain is a deity.
Just not excessively
Apr 2020 · 156
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
The road to heaven
Is paved with bad intentions.
My own proverb of hell for a favorite poet
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