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Mrs Timetable
F/The Exclusion Zone    Wife of Carlo C. Gomez, writer here at Hello Poetry and also shot this photo. Also, I run with safety scissors and paint my face ...
122/F/Death's Door (jk)    Truly just writing for myself, whether it's a messy (or not-so-messy) poem or just a "diary" entry. This is where I come to release my ...
F/Cebu City, Philippines    Resident Doctor 💚 If I'm not posting, I'm real life struggling.
25/NM    A Lost Dreamer Searching for Adventure
c a r o l i n e
26/in between worlds    Welcome to my little life in rhyme. Est. © 2019-2024. Surround yourself with love and don't forget to write with your heart. 'Alba' by Caroline ...
50/F/England    Unexpectedly became a poet during a storm while wild camping Jul20. I came to HePo to explore, to share, to experiment & to learn. Finding ...
I ponder.. with wonder ... I think . Where would we be without forgiveness?
A M Ryder
26/M/Everett    I read. I write. I'm up late most nights.
22/F    Poetry to me is like a cardigan knitted with words that warms the soul
M/Tunisia    Naceur ben Mesbah is a university professor.
22/F/Kaer Morhen    Despite everything, it's still you
A poet in Paradise
Michael Angelo
Sarah Spencer
19/F/Indiana    This is the diary of someone slowly falling apart
F/Malaysia    A lover of words
David Lessard
75/M/Prescott, Arizona    Retired. Thirty five years as a Respiratory Therapist Hiker, writer, music lover, photographer (shutter-bug), poet.
Seranaea Jones
Shiela Mae Alvior
far and near    Losing a battle against the brain is winning a battle for the heart.... there is a space created for every soul, a dimension where music ...
Sarita Aditya Verma
48/F/Pune, India    Happy in my space :)
South by Southwest
Trussville , Alabama    Writing poetry for over fifty years
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