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I could hear the floor boards creak
and the footsteps closing
my mouth was agape
as I watched the door in anticipation
you paused
your hand readied
but your courage deserted you
I sighed as I heard your retreat
and now after all these years
I still wonder
What if.
 Nov 2023 Nolan Willett
I sold my soul to poetry
And never looked back
But now every relationship
Is a writing prompt
Every trauma, a metaphor
 Sep 2023 Nolan Willett
 Sep 2023 Nolan Willett
I stopped looking
for my other half
in other people
the moment I realized
I was already whole
within myself.
I find no shame
in my solitude
now that alone
I do not feel lonely.
We all see the same luminaries
That brighten our world
We all see them different
And that in itself
Enlightens our world
The blood red sunset was amazing
 Aug 2023 Nolan Willett
Kit Scott
i believe in a gentle kind of love
all soft and soothing and
just right
when i am so terribly, irritatingly fragile
fingers running down my back while we lie
rib to rib, heart to heart
listening to the beat, and to the breath
and perhaps it is that, in this world of rough and tumble
of screaming and aching, to believe in a love kind and sweet is
a naivety but i find that
because of all this roaring outside our window, i much prefer
to think of that love sweet and kind
and us, tangled around each other, i think, yes

i find that i believe in a gentle sort of love
If I Were King Of The Forest not queen, not duke, not prince
My regal robes of the forest would be satin, not cotton, not chintz
I'd command each thing, be it fish or fowl, with a woof and a woof, and a royal
As I'd click my heel all the trees would kneel and the mountains bow and the
bulls kowtow
And the sparrows would take wing, if I were king
 Aug 2023 Nolan Willett
No one ever listened better
Than my pen did

Taking note of every word
Off'ring suggestions of expressions
To explain how I hurt

No one ever remembered better
Than my paper did

Every joy I'd ever shared
Never forgetting the important
Or for what I really cared

No one was better than these two
Until I met you
Neither, it was you
Ironies nested together in one place.
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