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On and on
we go
trying to look back
if there’s something
to find out
where you even there?
nothing but
Welcome back mr disa’,
always gone and never gets back
once back to me
wondering if you’ll only be kind
to stop the jad.
A backstabber that changed a norm.
Nothing would come to be compared to me
you’d never be able to compare
must have tried a thousand times but you compared me to her and now you think I’m comparable
but that is not what is meant to be
still none comparable
and that is what it will be.
The good days will come and take all that is sad away.
After waking up and taking a long shower only to find out that it makes you feel tired, drained to only realise that you have to actually get up to be more lively to further change that’s norm.
Twenty three and still no change
all I do is eat and listen to the same all music
nothing else left
but to do what I have to do
stay the same.
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