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Justin Soberano Dec 2018
Neighbors' talking,
As if it's the end of the world.
Trying to make sense,
Of all of these words.

Two different people,
Who walk past each other.
Two strangers,
With a past together.

Some nights are filled,
Some days are empty.
Two seats never apart,
That ages day in day out.

Words at three o'clock,
Flying past the moon,
Crashing into your mind,
And into my own heart.

Eyes looking at us,
Two who've become one.
Seats apart closing in.
Melding into nothingness.

The eyes blinded by darkness,
Of nothingness and emptiness.
In the moonlight shrouded black.
We talked and got deaf.
getting lost in the nights talking about various things with someone who's there for you only for them to disappear the next day. it's eerie ain't it? the disappearance of a spark, of a flame.
Justin Soberano Dec 2018
A heart cold as ice,
Melts when treated nice.
A few drops of ******,
Put on your lip balm,
Risk and roll the dice!
Let’s not care about your vice!
A few **** of nicotine,
Needles filled with morphine,
Drink your codeine,
Destroy your veins with ******.
Maybe twice,
Maybe thrice.
Forget all your worries,
Burn your autum leaves,
Forget how to live,
Like breath’s stolen by thieves.
A poem about drugs. I’m just an 18 year old boy that hasn’t tasted drugs, or even alcohol and tobacco. It’s just a product of my endless self-control I guess. Except for caffeine, I’m addicted to that.
Justin Soberano Dec 2018
dying is a meme
it's really ironic
it just wont die
a screwdriver?
its not effective
not sharp enough
i stopped though
but my thoughts
filled with memes
just never stop
i tried taking my life before with a screwdriver and yeah its ****** but hey everyone's got their own screws loose
Justin Soberano Dec 2018
dear person with twenty-four letters
how long has it been since we last spoke?
May 9th you were crying,
May 31st you were happy,
June 1st we graduated,
August 20th we started college,
August 21st we went out to Starbucks,
August 22nd my heart broke,
August 23rd i cried for the first time in years,
August 29th you looked at me with disdain,
fast-forward to now and we haven't talked yet

i've been depressed recently
as if my eyes were dyed black and white
to feel alive was to consume caffeine
in hopes that the white crystals give me color
in hopes that the light could ******* my darkness
i wanted to die just to feel alive
dear person with twenty-four letters
how have you been?
you seem to be happier without me
and it seems our friendship was indeed one-sided
maybe i was just an annoying neighbor to you?
either way i'm satisfied with everything
i deserve this death and i'm sorry
t w e n t y - f o u r
Justin Soberano Oct 2018
To write wasn’t a passion of mine,
When I learned of life?
My brain suddenly sparked a fire.

You see,
We’re always plunged right into the sea!
I can’t help but swim frantically.

I’m not a swimmer though,
So I kept on sinking.
Towards the abyss.

In a dark place,
I found something darker.
The ink of my pen.

Seeing as my darkness doesn’t compare,
I saw my own darkness as light.
Now I write when it’s night.

I couldn’t make any rhymes,
Just incoherent thoughts.
I wasn’t creative enough.

I couldn’t draw any art,
I couldn’t compose any songs.
All I can do was speak.

I can just speak without a voice.
This pen of mine speaks.

I’m an open book,
Talk to me and I talk back.
My doubt riddle words.

In my darkest days,
Where my voice doesn’t echo back,
I have my pen.

Light isn’t a reflection of others.
It’s a spark within your headspace.
When everything else disappears.
I’m in a dark place, and whenver I’m down here, I write whatever I can. Raw thoughts, incoherent, abstract, random, gibberish, trash. I writ when I’m down, it’s an outlet to plunge myself deeper so I could die and respawn. My creativity doesn’t exist; only destruction on paper.
Justin Soberano Sep 2018
Have you ever felt grey?
As if you’re in the middle.
I just want to kneel and pray.
My mind emits white noise.
I go out on a bright sunny day.
Yet my eyes see nothing.

Confusion and chaos sets in.
I stand my ground as it shakes.
My brain shuts down as I grin.
As if a demon took over me.
My mind makes noises; it’s sin.
I write aimlessly with imagery.

See that dark sky?
No it’s not dark.
I didn’t even open my eyes.
It’s all in the mind.
When emotions run wild.
There are no more rhymes.
Only static and failing images.
That could come to mind.
I don’t know.
Justin Soberano Aug 2018
Today, I saw your eyes sparkle.

Today, I saw you happy; genuinely happy.

Today, I saw you.

I’m second.

I love being second.

Second to know that you’re indeed taken.

That I will continue my stupidity.

I’m sorry.

I still plan on confessing.

June 1, we graduated.

June 1, I promised.

In a year I shall confess.

If my feelings couldn’t be suppressed.

I’ll persevere a year.

In a year.

I’ll lay my heart open.

But it’s just been 2 months and 23 days.

I realized I was indeed in love.

For I have let you go.


You’ll never know.

Until June 1.

I want that heartbreak.

To experience pain.

To feel that despair of loss.

I fell hard.

It hurts.

I hope it’ll hurt more.

So I could feel alive.
I’ll lay it bare. No rhymes. Just phrases. It hurts. But I’m a martyr. I love you.
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