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Inevitable Feb 10
If you were the moon, i think you'd still pull the tide.

Actually, I feel like you'd push and pull and **** around and create a tsunami.

If you were the moon, i think you'd still light up my nights.

Actually, I feel like you'd come crashing through my sky as a ******* meteor.

If you were the moon, i think you'd still reflect the suns rays.

Actually, i feel like you'd have to admit it hurt; the ******* rays.

But if you were the moon, i think you would burn.

Actually, i feel like you'd validate that the sun burnt you and has left you but
still rises in the east to put you to rest.
The relationship between "star" and "moon".
Inevitable Feb 6
I say I don't have a type
but you fit mine so perfectly.
dark and twisty.
a little too familiar.
Inevitable Feb 6
“don’t water down my love.
drink me straight, no chaser”

sorry, I don’t drink.
Inevitable Feb 6
My life expectancy is 27

I will be 23 in April and with March approaching fast all i want to do is


We make up 1% of the world population.
approximately 77 million of us among the 7.7 billion

We make up 10% of the worlds sucde rates.
approximately 80,000 out of 800,000 cases per year

I am also a woman meaning i am 3x more likely in general to attempt.

I was never supposed to make it past 11 and now i'm pushing for 27


i'm pushing for tomorrow because 27 is much farther away and its much more realistic to make it to tomorrow than to make it to 27.
Borderline personality disorder awareness
Inevitable Feb 6
It hurts knowing you’ve said these words before. Are they different though?
because they’re said to me?
I couldn’t be that significant.
recycled words and metaphors <
Inevitable Feb 5
You’re not a star.
You’re a moon
you’re caught in my orbit
with no stars in sight.
planets nor moons produce their own light
Inevitable Jan 29
you recorded the ketchup smeared walls and broken glass shattered on the kitchen floor.

what you didn't record was your broken heart that you convinced yourself i caused.

you told me to clean up the mess i made.

and with that statement you took my heart and smashed it along with the condiments.

black and white details

I lied to you.

black and white detail

He lied to you.

but you believed a stranger over our 40 months of "love"

i think you intentionally burned me... but i guess you should know by now,


you burned yourself.
Tea Time: long story short someone tried to say i attempted to be with them while in a relationship. i spoke to the person but only of my partner, all positive to further put but i lied when i said if i had spoke to them. but they lied and said i cheated. she believed them over me, took rings, moved out. ruined everything. i fought for months but was never treated the same and she never believed me. I gave up when she got with my only guy friend which is unforgivable for me, only for the person who lied to her about me to come forward a year later and admit he lied and asking for forgiveness. oh and shes in my phone asking for me back now. no thank you ^.^
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