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Inevitable Jan 2021
lovely flowers rooted in my lungs.
medicated exhales clouding the air around us.
i just want you in my space.
Inevitable Jan 2021
I should still be behind them.
Inevitable Jan 2021
I've Always Loved words,
but when i try to write about you, i'm at a lack thereof

You Make my Poetry go quiet.
I'm Used to my mind being so loud
But now I'm Flourishing in silence .
Ive always loved you make poetry. Im used but im flourishing.
Inevitable Jan 2021
It took all year for the imprint of your promise to erase from my finger
In 7 years I will have a body you have not touched.
"Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years"
Inevitable Dec 2020
we drive down these back roads and I get more lost in you after every turn.
I try not to glance over at you but I know there’s no return from this place i’ve stumbled across.
Let’s get lost.

This crowded mind is silenced by your scent.
a serenity. maybe peace?

Touch me.
your hand falls through me and caresses every jagged edge. Do you mean to?

You look even more beautiful under the moon light. Just you and I under the painted sky. Lost in this ever expanding galaxy. There’s so much more to the world than just us. But when i’m with you, there might as well not be another, i’m enveloped in you. signed sealed and delivered right into your hands.
Inevitable Dec 2020
crowded halls of youthful minds searching for likeness in every body.
Surrounded and overwhelmed, the chemical imbalances, I think we all were suffering.
at 12 years old.

My memory of those years are faded but one thing stayed vivid through the years and that was you. mishandled misplaced mistreated and I can take blame.
You’re just as fragile as you were when you were 12.
but I’m much more stronger now at 22.
double my chances, I want to take part in you.
Inevitable Dec 2020
You put the "white" over me,
and chose a man over peace.
she fell down the wrong path and left the love of her life for a man.
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