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Feb 2016 · 353
Terminal Introversion
Leon Blank Feb 2016
This lonely cloud;
it floats recklessly,
with no others around it.
All of the other clouds;
they hold rain.
Not this cloud.
It glides helplessly;
towards what no one knows.
Hoping someday,
by chance;
to find another of it's own.
Feb 2016 · 547
Old Souls & Young Hearts
Leon Blank Feb 2016
You're gorgeous, my dear;
& frankly, I don't give a ****.
It's what's inside, that counts.
Isn't that what they say?
They say also:
This is a cliché,
for the unattractive to spread.
Though I think;
it is for the young.
In those days when youth;
has all but passed us by -
no one's ***,
would ever be as comforting;
as your honest love for me.
& that is so,
because of your essence;
rather than what sheaths it.
Treasure the ones that will be there for you, when you will need it the most.
Feb 2016 · 1.0k
Dry Season
Leon Blank Feb 2016
Driving a luxurious stretch,
that miniscule crevice of the window
allows the cold to flow, to bite -
ferociously; malignantly.
It hosts more than physical detriment.
Memories of the past
live within the wind;
quickly forgotten,
as the brisk squall.
Reminders, gentle as
the accompanying snowflakes;
of a place never to return.
Awakening these days,
to bleak uncertainty;
Strangely illuminant
to the shadows of yesterday.
Sometimes, remaining positive can seem like an overwhelming chore. Gratitude helps immensely in these situations. If we take an honest look at what we have, chances are; that it is much more than some others we know have. Our troubles, no matter how present and crushing they seem, are often overshadowed by those of others. When I am able to take the focus off of myself, & place it on someone else, it relieves the pressure of my own anxieties. This has been an important skill to learn as I've slowly worked to overcome the past. Never forget where you came from, what you've been through, & how strong you truly are. Remember that your journey is still in progress. Even through doubts that I feel consistently, there's a realization of how much I've grown and that my journey is progressive. The past is my wisest teacher.
Leon Blank Feb 2016
You're a novel;
a highly anticipated release.
Once your cover
has been breached,
you're impossible to put down;
worth every moment,
of waiting in line for.
(the years of my life).
Learning a new page of you,
each day,
is such a unique privilege;
selected as the one reader,
trusted to view your un-edited thoughts.
(Most beautiful in their original form).
Through every emotion -
whether you are cast away out of anger,
(to lie on that shelf for awhile, next to my weathered heart)
or neglected out of selfishness,
I will always pick you back up.
Refreshing your complex chapters
in my mind,
until both of our stories;
have reached their conclusion.

I love you.
Not on February 14th.
Every day, since our souls met.
It may have been lifetimes ago.
To MJS: My best friend; my love. There is so much light in you that it makes sense; how it's so difficult for you to let it out sometimes. You do though, in your own time. Your worth is exponentially greater than what your past would lead you to believe.
Feb 2016 · 732
North Star
Leon Blank Feb 2016
My thoughts stray elsewhere,
but they always come back to you.
With the unconditional love,
of a lost dog;
which in it's heart,
always knows the way back home.
Feb 2016 · 220
Random Observation
Leon Blank Feb 2016
Does it not shine light
on the prominence of irony;
that we are so often blinded
by what we see?
Feb 2016 · 509
Memories of You
Leon Blank Feb 2016
Each one a fragment,
of a shattered glass heart -
pieces of a beautifully stained window,
on some long lost cathedral.
Your voice is the sweetest silence;
carrying with it,
everything that held meaning to me.
Jan 2016 · 601
Unwelcomed Holidays
Leon Blank Jan 2016
There's little hope;
In guessing what you think.
Every day with you
is an Easter morning,
and you hide each feeling away,
like colored eggs;
thoughtfully placed
out of anyone's reach.
Jan 2016 · 507
Disconnected Intentions
Leon Blank Jan 2016
My headphones,
and your eyes,
have had much more
interesting things to say;
Than anything
that has escaped your lips.
People tend to speak most clearly with their eyes. The best liars hold steady, beautiful eye contact; absorbing your trust through a piercing gaze. They won't ever return it. Only time will.
Jan 2016 · 649
Blurred Freedom
Leon Blank Jan 2016
The grass is greener;
on the other side.
Another misfortune
for the color-blind.
Words you told me,
years ago.
Are now the only ones I know.
That familiar place,
we used to lay.
Blended now;
in disarray.
Deceitful eyes and poison touch;
the things I shouldn't
miss this much.
Jan 2016 · 552
Infatuatory Detox
Leon Blank Jan 2016
Our *** is illusionary.
Extravagant like an opening ceremony,
For some event;
we haven't heard of yet.
People would come to watch,
and forget as I do;
That the contours of your body
mask everything you don't provide.
Passion and feigned affection are no substitute for learning to love yourself.
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
Enveloping Thread
Leon Blank Jan 2016
Your ideals don't fit me.
So I give them away,
like old clothing;
whose stitching has run dry.
Your thoughts are small,
and loosely spun.
And it's been years,
since I've been able to adapt;
to anything less than a medium.
Jan 2016 · 599
Loss of Meaning
Leon Blank Jan 2016
Pretty sure you wouldn't care;
If we never spoke again.
I'd like to say
that it wouldn't tear me apart;
so that we could be even.
But that wouldn't fool either of us.
Even though it's been awhile,  I still wonder sometimes if any of it held the slightest meaning to you.
Jan 2016 · 652
Leon Blank Jan 2016
Everything is uncertain;
Hope stands alone.
On a snow-covered path,
Where the moonlight once shone.
Just because it's not shining,
Doesn't mean that it's gone;
Another chance
Through it's gleam,
To find where you belong.

— The End —