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  Mar 2016 Leon Blank
A bittersweet mixture of agony and ecstasy
Found in the lone voice of a piano
Painting colours in harmony
That leave my senses reeling
Flying through the air like an arrow
Shot from cupids bow
An electric arc in the atmosphere
Piercing my soul with forgotten longing
Balancing in timeless beauty
Pirouetting chiffon billows elegantly through the notes
Defying gravity
Suspended in animation
Music that compels my body into
Configurations that delight and thrill my perceptions
An exquisite pain of my own making
I lose myself in abstractions
Octaves fluidly creating shapes
Resembling cursive script
The author of symmetry
I hover on the edge of a lost dream .....

I once stood on my toes

Until the day  
Fate took it from me*

(C) Pixievic 2016
I trained & danced as a professional ballerina until I broke my kneecap. My friend recently wrote a piece of music (which can be found here that inspired me to write this piece.
Leon Blank Feb 2016
This lonely cloud;
it floats recklessly,
with no others around it.
All of the other clouds;
they hold rain.
Not this cloud.
It glides helplessly;
towards what no one knows.
Hoping someday,
by chance;
to find another of it's own.
  Feb 2016 Leon Blank
So potent was the resemblance,
so rich the imitation,
of meadows of wandering green,
with some red (tulips)
breaking through.

But careful not to chip the paint.
You drunkenly mistook the vivid
for the real. It was not real.
Here is the origin
of your sadness.
Leon Blank Feb 2016
You're gorgeous, my dear;
& frankly, I don't give a ****.
It's what's inside, that counts.
Isn't that what they say?
They say also:
This is a cliché,
for the unattractive to spread.
Though I think;
it is for the young.
In those days when youth;
has all but passed us by -
no one's ***,
would ever be as comforting;
as your honest love for me.
& that is so,
because of your essence;
rather than what sheaths it.
Treasure the ones that will be there for you, when you will need it the most.
  Feb 2016 Leon Blank
Belen Rubio
I want to run away
far away form you.
Because you hurt my blunt
and oblivious, stupid little soul.

And I want to run miles
in the opposite direction
from which you stand,
no longer can I stand
your restless, confused gazes.
Because no longer can I stand
all your hazy
thoughts and questions.
Because no longer can I tolerate
to be just acquaintances with you.

So my mistake,
my fault,
what an idiot, I was
for waltzing around in your
gentle and calm eyes.

My mistake,
so please forgive me
you *******,
for wanting to
take this lesson
and run, far away.
To learn from this idiotic  
mistake of mine,
and run.
To never make a mistake
with someone who manipulates
toying with innocent souls
on the thin strings
of such joy and naïve vivacity,
with such unique bliss and hilarious, beautiful laughter.
you wore me down
to the bone of painful melancholy
state of mind.

So my mistake!
for wanting to scatter my broken piece
around the world,
hoping to find home again
hoping to meet a gentle soul
that collides peacefully
with mine.
trying to forgive, get-over, and forget.
Leon Blank Feb 2016
Driving a luxurious stretch,
that miniscule crevice of the window
allows the cold to flow, to bite -
ferociously; malignantly.
It hosts more than physical detriment.
Memories of the past
live within the wind;
quickly forgotten,
as the brisk squall.
Reminders, gentle as
the accompanying snowflakes;
of a place never to return.
Awakening these days,
to bleak uncertainty;
Strangely illuminant
to the shadows of yesterday.
Sometimes, remaining positive can seem like an overwhelming chore. Gratitude helps immensely in these situations. If we take an honest look at what we have, chances are; that it is much more than some others we know have. Our troubles, no matter how present and crushing they seem, are often overshadowed by those of others. When I am able to take the focus off of myself, & place it on someone else, it relieves the pressure of my own anxieties. This has been an important skill to learn as I've slowly worked to overcome the past. Never forget where you came from, what you've been through, & how strong you truly are. Remember that your journey is still in progress. Even through doubts that I feel consistently, there's a realization of how much I've grown and that my journey is progressive. The past is my wisest teacher.
  Feb 2016 Leon Blank
Early hours; the
parts of sleep
          a fly opening
        it's silk cocoon,
   a foetus moving
in a jelly womb,
   irises and corneas
         assembling into eyes
                    eager to explore
                a world outside;
      those first times
when regrets are
               abstract concepts
                             not feelings
                        growing roots
       in subconscious pools;
all the things I'd redo,
              my deepest desire
                              to be anew
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