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Mr Incognito Nov 2017
Blood has changed its shade
it flows now, not red
but with hue of depth
of love defined by you!

Sunset or rain
isn't anymore same
as my soul aches
to walk beside you!

Sleek of silk has lost its feel
since our skin brushed
now my palm craves
to trace the perfect curve of you

Whereon falls my wandering gaze
unconsciously sculpts out your face
staring, dreaming, admiring through
fantasy wall, believing it's you

Mirrors and shadows lie these days
they show me full
though incomplete in ways
I'm without you

And the reason behind holds a ground
'cause it's you I look for around
as ceaselessly
I'm in love with you!
Ah the wretched love! It is so addictive!
Mr Incognito Jan 2015
And here is my life taking a serious turn,
Will leave me with the marks of cuts and burns
Will you,
Will you stand by my side?

They said, never mind, certainly God will help
And listen to your endless cries and painful yelp.
But I need at this moment a soothing lap
Which can give me the needed solace and serene nap
Will God?
Will God abide?
That's why I was asking you to stand by my side.

They said God cannot be everywhere and thus created mother
And as a pillar to your life he gifted you a father.
But they don't know there is something known as the age
Which helps in almost nothing else putting you in a cage
You cannot wet your eyes on your parents shoulder
When they expect you to be brave and bolder.
Will they?
Will they sustain my swelling tide.
That's why o' dear I was craving for your side.

Before you be judgemental and term me selfish
Lemme show you the other facet which you may cherish.
Inside me are vast clouds of love that continuously hover
Waiting for someone worthy enough to start their shower.

They are divine for their sensation can liven the autumn bare
And magical as they always ornate a rainbow rare.
They are sensitive as pleasure make them roar.
And revenge for others out of hatred result in downpour.

Will you,
Will you let the unfathomable love die inside?
That's why, That's why I was wishing you'd get up and stand by my side.
Though I wanted you to be on my side, I forgot you've a splendid life of your own. Why would you stand by my side and tire your legs? Keep sitting.
Mr Incognito Jan 2015
You were wailing like a wounded puppy
Your voice was craving for love and sympathy
It appealed to my dormant magnanimity
And thus for you I opened my heart’s door
Least did I know you were an ugly *****.

I stood beside you at your one call
Your tantrums, your malice I bore ‘em all.
To make you smile daily became my life’s goal
But you were so thankless it shook me to the core
I should have known earlier, you were an ugly *****

Though my knowledge about love was low
Yet at times I wondered if you really know
so much definitions of it and the metaphors bestowed
then why did your breakup happen once before
perhaps because he too knew, you were an ugly *****

What I thought was your love with glee
Was actually an act of backstabbing me.
You betrayed in the first chance given to thee
Now I shall give you chances no more
Because now I know that you are an ugly *****.
Dedicated to all the ******* who betrayed their lover.
Mr Incognito Dec 2014
She was crying.
So he approached
to lessen the anguish,
her life has notched

He exchanged her tears
with his cozy smile;
to calm down her nerves
at least for a while.

The language of tears
has always appealed him;
as to the insects,
the sundew's gleam.

Innate was this nature of his
to weep for the poor,
for the women, for the children
and for the downtrodden, to be sure.

But with hollow chauvinism
then, the men ruled the society.
And accounted weeping as a sin
resulting from inferiority.

They disliked the boy
and his uncommon ways
to heal the sufferer,
to their utter dismay.

They called the boy
and asked him to change
his beliefs and ideology
or to be ready to estrange.

The boy couldn't understand
how his actions have been
outrageous in their view
and thus sentenced as a sin.

He stood against them
and let the proposal decline.
He advocated his logic
to those ****** swine.

But their ears were concealed
to even the rumbling thunder.
Intoxicated by masculinity
they committed blunder.

The men enraged
and reached for their knives.
They shouted, they cursed
and skinned him alive.
This was the tale of a boy who was said to possess magical tears - the tears which would lessen the agony of other people. He found pleasure in eliminating pain and grief from others' life but the so called males became intolerant towards his behavior and later murdered him for the same

— The End —